Student learning outcomes (SLOs) or Service Area Outcomes (SAOs) state the desired result of a degree program or department’s work. They are an expression of the mission or purpose of the program or department. SLOs and SAOs are developed by the unit in consultation with relevant internal and external stakeholders, and are systematically reviewed during each program’s comprehensive self-student (generally on a six-year cycle).

SLOs/SAOs specific to each degree program. See the list below.

Undergraduate Degrees

Accounting, B.S. (Online)
Actuarial Science, B.S.
Anthropology, B.A.
Applied Theology (BAT)
Architecture, B.A.
Art Education, B.A.
Art Therapy Studies, B.A.
Aviation Flight, B.S.
Aviation Management, B.S.
Behavioral Science, B.A.
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, B.S.
Biology, B.S.
Biomedical Engineering (BSBME)
Biomedical Sciences, B.S.
Business Administration, B.S.
Business Administration - Logistics and Operations, B.A. (Online)
Business Administration - Management, B.A. (Online)
Chemical Engineering (BSChE)
Chemistry, B.S.
Christian Behavioral Science, B.A.
Christian Ministries, B.A. (Online)
Christian Studies, B.A.
Civil Engineering (BSCE)
Commercial Performance, B.M.
Communication Sciences and Disorders, B.S.
Communication Studies, B.A.
Communication Studies, B.A. (Online)
Composition for Stage and Screen, B.M.
Computer Information Technology, B.S. (Online)
Computer Science (BCS)
Construction Management, B.S.
Creative Writing, B.F.A.
Criminal Justice, B.S.
Criminal Justics, B.S. (Online)
Cybersecurity, B.S. (Online)
Early Childhood Studies, B.A.
Early Childhood Studies, B.A.  (Online)
Electrical and Computer Engineering (BSECE)
Elementary Education, B.S.
Engineering (BSE)
English, B.A.
English, B.A. (Online)
Entrepreneurship, B.S.
Environmental Science, B.S.
Exercise Science, B.S.
Film, B.A.
Finance, B.S.
Fine Art, B.A.
Forensic Chemistry, B.S.
Foundational Mathematics, B.S.
Graphic Design and Digital Media, B.A. (Online)
Graphic Design and Visual Experience, B.A.
Health Science, A.S.
Health Science, B.S.
Healthcare Administration, B.S.
Healthcare Administration and Management, B.S. (Online)
History, B.A.
Human Services, B.A. (Online)
Illustration, B.A.
Instrumental Performance, B.M.
Intercultural Studies with a TESOL Concentration, B.A.
Intercultural Studies, B.A.
Interior Design, B.A.
Interdisciplinary Studies, B.A. (Online)
International Studies, B.A.
Journalism and New Media, B.A.
Kinesiology, B.A.
Kinesiology, B.S. (Online)
Leadership Studies, B.A.
Liberal Arts, B.A.
Liberal Studies, B.A. (Online)
Marketing, B.S.
Marketing, B.A. (Online)
Mathematics, B.S.
Mechanical Engineering (BSME)
Music Education, B.M.
Music for Worship Arts and Ministry, B.A.
Music, B.A.
Nursing (BSN)
Nursing (for RN license holders), B.S. (Online)
Nursing: RN to BSN
Nutrition and Food Sciences, B.S.
Organizational Leadership, B.A. (Online)
Philosophy, B.A.
Photography, B.A.
Physical Therapist Assistant, A.S.
Piano Performance, B.M.
Political Science, B.A.
Psychology, B.A.
Psychology, B.A. (Online)
Public Administration, B.A. (Online)
Public Health, B.S.
Public Health, B.S. (Online)
Public Relations, B.A.
Radiologic Sciences, B.S.
Social Work (BSW)
Sociology, B.A.
Sociology, B.A. (Online)
Songwriting, B.M.
Spanish, B.A.
Sport and Performance Psychology, B.S.
Sport and Performance Psychology, B.S. (Online)
Sport Management, B.S.
Sports Analytics, B.S.
Statistics and Data Analytics, B.A.
Strategic Communication, B.A. (Online)
Studio Production, B.M.
Theatre, B.A.

Vocal Performance, B.M.

Graduate Degrees

Accounting, M.S. (Online)
Applied Mathematics, M.S.
Architecture (M.Arch.)
Athletic Training, M.S.
Biomedical Sciences, M.S.
Business Administration (MBA)
Business Administration, MBA, Specialization in Accounting (Online)
Business Administration, MBA: Specialization in Management (Online)
Business Administration (DBA)
Business Administration, DBA (Online)
Clinical Psychology, PsyD
Counseling Ministry, M.A.
Counseling Psychology, M.S.
Counseling Psychology, M.S. (Online)
Dual Degree Program: Counseling Ministry, M.A. and Counseling Psychology, M.S.
Education, M.S.
Education, M.S. Specialization in Curriculum and Instruction (Online)
Education, M.S. Specialization in Early Childhood (Online)
Education, M.S. Specialization in Leadership (Online)
Education, M.S. Specialization in Special Education (Online)
Education, M.S. Specialization in Transitional Kindergarten (Online)
English, M.A.
Forensic Psychology, M.A.
Healthcare Administration, MHA (Online)
Healthcare Simulation Leadership, M.S. (Online)
Higher Education Leadership and Student Development, M.S.
Industrial-Organizational Psychology, M.S.
Information Technology Management, M.S.
Information Technology Management, M.S. (Online)
Kinesiology, M.S.
Kinesiology, M.S. (Online)
Leadership Studies, PhD
Music (MM)
Nursing: ADN to MSN
Nursing: Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)
Nursing: Entry Level Master of Science in Nursing (ELMSN)
Nursing: Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)
Organizational Change and Administration (Ed.D.)
Organizational Leadership, M.A. (Online)
Physician Assistant Studies, M.S.
Public Administration, MPA (Online)
Public Administration, DPA (Online)
Public Health (MPH)
Public Health, MPH (Online)
School Counseling, M.S.
School Psychology, M.S.
Social Work (MSW)
Social Work (DSW)
Speech-Language Pathology, M.S.
Sport and Performance Psychology, M.S.
Strategic Communication, M.A. (Online)
Worship Arts, M.A.

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