Student Learning Outcomes

The mission of the radiography program is to prepare students to carry out their mission as competent radiographers who will serve their purpose as professionals within the healthcare community.                

Program Goals and Student Learning Outcomes
Fulfillment of the program’s mission is assessed by the degree the program achieves the following goals and student learning outcomes (SLOs):

GOAL #1: Students will develop clinical competence.

SLO#1: Demonstrate proper positioning techniques.

SLO#2: Select appropriate technical factors (kV, mAs, and SID).

SLO#3: Apply proper use of radiation safety devices and employ the ALARA principle.

GOAL #2: Students will demonstrate effective communication skills.

SLO #4: Demonstrate oral and written communication skills.

GOAL #3: Students will demonstrate problem solving and critical thinking skills.

SLO #5: Modify routine imaging parameters based on patient’s condition.

GOAL #4: Students will demonstrate professional values, ethical behavior, and strive for continued personal and professional growth.

SLO #6: Develop and demonstrate capability of providing compassionate patient care in an increasingly diverse society.

SLO #7: Describe the required stewardship over the security and confidentiality associated with patient medical information.

Program Effectiveness Data

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Outcome Measure 2019 Results
Program Completion Rate 86%
Annual Credentialing Examination Pass Rate  83%
Job Placement Rate 100%
Overall Satisfaction Rate of Graduates indicated by Exit Survey 100%
Employer Satisfaction Rate 100%