Master of Science in Industrial-Organizational Psychology (I-O)

Interested in the fastest growing job title? This program is designed for those who aspire to train and influence professionals in the workplace. Using the tools of business, psychology and statistics, graduates emerge from our program capable of thoughtfully investing in change at the individual, team and organizational levels.

The program curriculum provides students with a strong theoretical foundation for meeting real-world challenges across diverse and applied settings. Practical experiences allow students to design and deliver interventions, conduct research and develop potential in people.

Three unique differentiators of our program are our justice emphasis, global approach and practical application. Students will develop their own experiences in business, non-profits and faith communities to be the difference in the workplace.

Program Length
2 Years
Program Cost

Why our program?

Justice-Orientated: Graduates step into the workplace having thought through their individual role in God’s plan for restoring creation to its greatest potential. Students enter the world of work with a heart of compassion and a drive to "be the difference."

Behavioral Scientists: Classes and program experiences are intentionally crafted around SIOP Guidelines to develop the individual into their most effective self. Our students and faculty are committed to learning for the sake of actionable potential in ourselves and others.

Meaningful: Grounded in the value of human potential, this program equips leaders to consider the purposes behind both individual and organizational behaviors.

Measurable: We are equipping leaders around the world with tools for actionable decisions. Using a hybrid of statistics, business and psychology, we are helping organizations to empirically move the dial on human performance.

Sustainable: We are invested in developing thoughtful and passionate individuals who will serve in practices that bring about lasting effects in the world around them. We are interested in asking questions, challenging assumptions, and investing our lives in sustainable change.