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  • Wil Byers

    Wil Byers

    Business Administration '11

    "My short tenure at CBU helped me become aware of what I truly love doing — helping people while working with businesses and finances. ... Shortly after graduating, I started working in Merrill Lynch's private wealth management division in L.A."

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  • Darby Foster

    Darby Foster

    Master of Social Work '22

    "The social work program at CBU is what lit the fire underneath me to improve access to care for marginalized populations and people without socioeconomic means."

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  • Greg Johnson

    Greg Johnson

    Music '08

    "I feel very blessed that the thing that I love to do most in life also happens to be the thing that I am best at and am fortunate enough to make my living doing."

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  • Josh Howeth

    Josh Howeth

    Applied Theology '06

    "CBU taught me how to love people and invest in people. I remember the professors' genuine care and concern for my life. That impacted me and I carry that into my everyday work as a pastor."

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  • Carolyn (Bennett) Cummings

    Carolyn (Bennett) Cummings

    Behavioral Science '05

    "I chose to pursue a career dedicated to mental health and wellness because I was inspired by professors who shared stories of their work in the fields of social work and mental health."

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  • Nathan and April Devlin

    Nathan and April Devlin

    Business Administration ('08/'11) and Master of Public Administration ('14)

    "We both believe that our education at CBU was much more than the books we read and the papers we wrote. We learned to support others through difficult times in life and how to prioritize those things in life that are important to us: faith, family and serving others."

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  • Hannah Biltz

    Hannah Biltz

    Aviation Flight '17

    "I have wanted to be a pilot since I was 14 years old, so naturally I wanted to find a university that had aviation majors. At CBU, I liked being a part of something new. We started off as a small group and it was like a family all four years throughout the program."

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  • Jessica Alzen

    Jessica Alzen

    English, M.A. '07

    "The deep study of literature from all over the world opened my eyes to different lived experiences. I became a more critical thinker because of the ways I was challenged in several of my master’s courses."

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  • Daniel Bishop

    Daniel Bishop

    Applied Theology '06

    "The BAT program taught me to love reading (I thought that would never happen), it taught me to love God’s Word, and it taught me discipline. It prepared and equipped me to preach and help lead a great church in Riverside."

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  • Brittni Hall

    Brittni Hall

    Applied Mathematics, M.S. '17

    "The work was much more difficult than what I studied in my time as an undergraduate, and the material stretched my mind and challenged me in ways I hadn’t been before. I learned valuable lessons in hard work and persistence through my classes and through my research endeavors."

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  • Laura Curley

    Laura Curley

    School Psychology, M.S. '12

    "CBU paved the way for a successful internship and a strong foundation for my first year as a school psychologist. I completed fieldwork in the three local school districts around CBU during my practicum hours. After graduation, I had the opportunity to work as a substitute psychologist for a year in a neighboring school district before obtaining a permanent position in my desired school district."

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  • Joseph Luat

    Joseph Luat

    Athletic Training, M.S. '10 

    "There are many things to love about my job. I think one of the things that keeps me coming back is just the love of the game. I really enjoy being in a team atmosphere and being able to have a part to play in the success of a team."

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