"Beyond my coursework preparation for the field of school psychology, graduate school at CBU taught me to be more confident and become closer to my faith. Because of my personal growth at CBU, I now feel like I can tackle anything."

Quick Facts

Program: M.S. in School Psychology
Graduation Year: 2017
Current Job Title: School Psychologist at Julian Charter School
Hometown: Murrieta, CA
Current City: Temecula, CA

Life at CBU

Why did you choose this graduate degree program? What interested you in this particular field of study?
A couple of reasons, first, I was working as a domestic violence advocate in San Diego, CA after my undergraduate work at San Diego State University. It was rewarding work and I was blessed to have the opportunity to work with such strong survivors. During that time, I met community members from the San Diego County Office of Education who worked in tandem with the families we served. They ensured the children who lived in our shelter were able to transition and adjust to their new school environment. That is when I realized the impact educators, specifically school psychologists, have on students. I began my search for graduate programs in school psychology. At the same time, my sister began her undergraduate work at CBU and shared with me about what a wonderful experience she was having. I felt I was called to explore the program, and ultimately I applied.

What did you like about being in this program at CBU?
First, the faculty and staff. I could have not asked for a better graduate experience with professors who were easily accessible, encouraging, knowledgeable and supportive. The cohort size was also something I really appreciated, as it was not too large and encouraged collaboration and nurtured a supportive network.

What did you think about your professors?
I felt they were professionals with a genuine passion and interest for education and their students. I felt many of the professors went above and beyond to meet the needs of their students and I continue to stay in contact with them today.

Did you complete any fieldwork?
During my program, fieldwork was both required and necessary not only to meet requirements for graduation and licensure, but also to gain the advantage of breadth of experience. I completed my practicum and internship hours in the Murrieta Valley Unified School District. I felt CBU both prepared me and challenged me to be equipped for my fieldwork experience. During fieldwork training, I drew heavily from my coursework but more importantly from the in-class discussions and anecdotes of my professor’s work in the field.

How did you grow (spiritually, socially, educationally) while in this program at CBU?
I grew both professionally and spiritually. I gained a better understanding of my purpose to serve the public. As a result, I became a more confident person and professional.

Life after CBU

What have you done since graduating? 
Prior to graduating, I began my quest for licensure. I passed the required Praxis exam and immediately began applying for jobs within Southern California. I was not quite ready to make any major moves and am blessed with the opportunity to work locally for Julian Charter School as one of their school psychologists.

How has your time at CBU prepared you for your life and career after graduate school?
Beyond my coursework preparation for the field of school psychology, graduate school at CBU taught me to be more confident and become closer to my faith. I really had to believe in my faith and my ability to manage working, practicum, internship, coursework, as well as a personal life. Because of my personal growth during graduate school at CBU, I now feel like I can tackle anything. I continue to grow and polish my ability to balance life and all of its challenges. 

Is there anything you learned at CBU that you still use in your professional life today?
The importance of balancing compassion with self-care and strong prioritization. 

How are you making a difference in the world? How are you living your purpose?
I work with children and families every day, empowering them with the knowledge to better assess their education. I am humbled and honored every day to work with so many wonderful families.

Would you recommend CBU to others?
Without question or hesitation, I would recommend CBU to others. It provided me with a framework to grow as both a professional and individual with a tailored education that allows me to best serve my community.

Anything else you would like to add?
I would like to thank all the faculty and staff who honor the vision and mission of California Baptist University. I am so thankful for the opportunity to have studied under such encouraging and scholarly professionals.