"I graduated in May 2021 and I had my job lined up and ready to go as soon as I crossed the stage. If and when I ever need feedback or guidance from one of my professors I know they will always have their doors open for me." 

Quick Facts

Programs: B.A. in Psychology and M.S. in Counseling Psychology
Minor: Early Childhood Studies
Graduation Years: 2019 and 2021
Hometown: El Volantin, Jalisco, Mexico
Current City: Moreno Valley, CA
Current Job Title: Associate Marriage and Family Therapist at Mighty Oak Community Counseling Center

Life at CBU

Why did you choose your major and graduate degree program? What interested you in this particular field of study?
I choose these majors and degrees—B.A. in Psychology and an M.S. in Counseling Psychology—because I wanted to not only help others better understand what is going on between their ears, as Dr. Wallace puts it, but also understand and learn more about myself in the process. It still interests me how much something that happened to us in our childhood can have such a massive effect on our life. Either that be during our teenage years or years later in the relationships that we build with others.

What did you like about being in this program at CBU?
What I enjoyed the most about my schooling at CBU was that all my professors made time for their students and they shared their own personal experiences of their schooling and their career life.

What did you think about your professors?
I really appreciated all the hard work and effort that they poured into our classes and the willingness of opening their time to go and talk to them about any doubt that you might have had in any class or subject. 

Did you complete an internship or any field work? What was your experience like?
Yes, I was able to complete internship hours during my master's program through the Riverside Office of Education through Mighty Oak Community Counseling Center. My internship hours were definitely very interesting when I was getting them because I started off my internship when COVID started. Everything was virtual and I was not able to interact with the students in person just through video calls. I did learn a lot through the experience on how telehealth works throughout my internship hours.

Did you participate in anything else at CBU? 
I was a student worker for three years. I worked for the Behavioral and Social Sciences department. I was able to not only be a part of the events that were put together but also put it together with the faculty and staff. I was able to get connected with my peers and my professors.

How did you grow (spiritually, socially, educationally) while in this program at CBU?
One of the biggest things that I was I now see that I grew in while in the MSCP program was socially, although my undergrad was all in person I was also blessed to continue to build relationships with my peers and professors online while COVID was happening. My professors taught me and helped us through an event that most of the population had never been and, in that way, I was able to contribute my social skills and help others through telehealth.

Did your program help you figure out your purpose? 
I believe that I knew deep down what my purpose was but with this program I was able to actually bring it up to the light and share it with others. I do believe that with time, my purpose will keep growing stronger due to the foundation that I got from everyone in my program and in the university.

Life after CBU

What have you done since graduating?
I graduated in May 2021 and I had my job lined up and ready to go as soon as I crossed the stage. I have also been back to CBU as a guest speaker for a couple of classes, I have been called back to represent the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences.

How has your program and time at CBU prepared you for your life and career after college?
The time that I was blessed to be at CBU has prepared me by learning more about myself through the journey as well as my leading by example. I have younger siblings and loved ones that have told me that because of the steps that I took they have been motivated to take action for their career and life choices. CBU prepared me for my career. If and when I ever need feedback or guidance from one of my professors I know they will always have their doors open for me to come back and ask for their guidance.

Is there anything you learned at CBU that you still use in your professional life today?
I believe that I am seeing how the Core Four are coming to play in my professional life now that I am in my career. Academically Prepared: I feel like my professors prepared me to be ready for what the work field would start to look like as soon as I got out of school. Biblically Rooted: Knowing that when I feel alone and that I might not have the words for others I have the Bible to refer back to and find peace and the correct words that I can share with others. Globally Minded: Knowing that I am able to not only utilize what I have used in my everyday community but also around the world especially working with the populations that have not been taught what our works entail and what our purpose is. Equipped to Serve: That through the guidance and education that I was given I am able to go out to share the work and the words that helped me get to where I am at.

How are you making a difference in the world? How are you living your purpose?
The way that I am living my purpose and making a difference in the world, is by being able to break the stigma of what mental health looks like and what it has been presented as within my own family and the Hispanic community.

Would you recommend CBU to others?
Yes, I would and I do recommend CBU to others because CBU not only focuses on your career path but also guides you in your personal life. Chapel for myself was one of the key factors that contributed to finding and building my relationship with God. I also recommend it because the one-on-one attention that our professors are able to give the students is not as easy to find.