"Psychology taught me to understand human motivation and behavior. This has been invaluable in preparing me to intentionally build relationships, manage public perceptions, and accomplish the goals of my employer as a marketing director."

Quick Facts

Program: B.A. in Psychology
Graduation Year: 2016
Current Job Title: Marketing Director at Chick-fil-A

Life at CBU

What was the best thing about the psychology major at CBU?
I loved learning about psychology from faculty who incorporated their own experiences in the field as well as the Christian faith.

Describe one memory from your time at CBU that involves the psychology major, psychology classes or events in the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences.
I remember being in the methodology courses for psychology and having several consecutive classes with the same students and professor. For the third semester (I think), one of my classmates told our professor (Reba Machado) that he'd bring donuts to class if she'd bring coffee. And they did! Every few weeks, I'd show up to class and there would be coffee and donuts waiting. It was such a great class environment and resulted in a very collaborative learning experience.

If you were involved in any form of service learning related to any of your psychology classes, how did it impact you?
I was involved in student leadership and ISP, but don't recall doing any service learning directly related to my psychology classes.

Life after CBU

What is your current job and how long have you been working there?
I've been working for a local Chick-fil-A franchise as marketing director for a little over one year now.

What are some of the responsibilities of your current job?
My overarching goal is to grow both sales and community relations. Some responsibilities included in this are event planning, community outreach, general marketing program coordination, oversight of donation programs and social media.

In what ways did the psychology major help you prepare for this role?
Because the primary objective of my role is to grow sales and profits, I'm consistently utilizing strategic communications. Psychology, along with my other major of communications, taught me to understand human motivation and behavior, as well as analyze tests and measurements, statistical data, demographical factors, and more. This has been invaluable in preparing me to intentionally build relationships, manage public perceptions and accomplish the goals of my employer.

What are your future career or educational goals?
In terms of education, I'm hoping to eventually either get my MBA or a graduate degree in industrial-organizational psychology. For upcoming career goals, I'd like to become a multi-unit marketing director for Chick-fil-A. Long-term goals are still in the works!