"I want to help counsel children who have experienced traumatic situations … and the behavioral science lectures only continued to motivate me more and to strengthen my love for the field."

Quick Facts

Program: B.A. in Behavioral Science
Graduation Year: 2017

Life at CBU

What is the best thing about the behavioral science major at CBU?
I believe that the best thing for me in the behavioral science major at CBU has to be the biblical application to the field in many different areas. I love the way the professors have been able to apply in every class the fundamentals of the field and then give it a biblical perspective for us to question, contemplate and analyze through our own eyes. It has definitely helped my critical thinking skills grow exponentially in the short year that I have been attending CBU. 

Describe one memory from your time at CBU that involves the behavioral science major or events related to the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences.
A very distinct memory from the behavioral sciences at CBU has to be the guest lecture series that I attended. The field I have set as my goal to achieve is to be able to help counsel children who have experienced traumatic situations or who have been abandoned. The most powerful lecture I heard that spoke to my heart has to be the last one given at the end of the Spring 2016 semester by Phil Breitnbucher. It touched my heart as he spoke about all the children that are part of neglected homes and lectures such as this one only continue to motivate me more and have a stronger love for the field I am thriving to be in.

If you’ve been involved in any form of service learning related to any of your behavioral science classes, how did it impact you?
In my college career, I have participated in a lot of service learning activities, since I have been at CBU the mindset to all those things changed. I used to participate with the mindset of how I can benefit from it. When I began to do this after I transferred I discovered I was looking at the wrong side of things and that I should have the mind-set of how others may benefit and not myself. 

Life after CBU

What has the behavioral science major done to help you prepare for your future goals?
The behavioral science major helped open my mind to the different possibilities to finding solutions. I transferred from a community college to CBU and something I learned to appreciate is the love people have for others at CBU. In the behavioral science major it has opened my mind to the possibilities that love could have in helping me to continue my career no matter how bad I might see it, the love I have for children and helping them through tough times is what will push hard enough to finish what God has started in my life.