"As a married couple entering into the rigors of the PA program, we knew it would be a difficult feat to complete the program. However, the program and school were very supportive. We definitely are prepared to take on our new careers as PAs."

Quick Facts

Program: M.S. in Physician Assistant Studies
Graduation Year: 2020
Current Job Title: 
Kim Obidiegwu: PA-C, Cardiovascular Consultant Heart Center;
Kyrian Obidiegwu: PA-C, interest in orthopedic surgery (no company at this time)
Hometown: Fresno, CA
Current City: Fresno, CA

Life at CBU

Why did you choose this graduate degree program? What interested you in this particular field of study?
Physician assistant (PA) is one of the largest growing professions at this time. The ability to see, diagnose, treat and manage care for patients is what drew us to the field. The added benefits of being able to switch specialties and have a good work-life balance are why we chose PA. Kyrian was an EMT prior to beginning PA school. Kim spent time as an ER scribe and medical assistant in interventional cardiology prior to beginning PA school.

What did you like about being in this program at CBU?
The CBU PA program staff is remarkable. Their ability to educate, set us up for success in our clinical rotations and aid us in acquiring jobs after we graduate sets the CBU PA program apart from others. On top of the amazing program, the beautiful campus and prime location of CBU makes it an amazing opportunity for any student.

What did you think about your professors?
The professors really take their time and make you feel as though they truly care about each student. Not only are they intelligent and have real life experience working as PAs in many different specialties, but they do whatever they can to push us to succeed. They are readily available at all times which is particularly important when we are on clinical rotations. In the unexpected COVID pandemic, our professors did all they could to assist us to graduate on time and still get a quality clinical experience.

Did you complete any field work?
In the program we have a didactic year which is mainly spent in the classroom and a clinical year consisting of nine, five-week clerkships in different specialties (urgent care, emergency medicine, women’s health/OBGYN, family medicine, pediatric medicine, internal medicine, behavioral health, general surgery, and an elective of the student's choice). Every student has a different schedule and different clinical sites but overall the program provides us with amazing clinical rotations sending us to many of the major hospitals, including but not limited to, Riverside Community Hospital, Riverside University Health Systems (county hospital), Parkview Community Hospital, and St. Bernadine’s hospital. In the hospitals and many of the clinics we rotate through, we get to work with highly educated and experienced PAs, physicians, residents and other medical staff.

Did you participate in anything else at CBU? 
Together, with the students in the PA program, we volunteered for medical screenings at sporting events. Individually, we enjoyed the large gym and large variety of food offered on campus!

How did you grow (spiritually, socially, educationally) while in this program at CBU?
As a married couple entering into the rigors of the PA program, we knew it would be a difficult feat to complete the program. However, the program and school were very supportive. We definitely are prepared to take on our new careers as PAs.

Did your program help you figure out your purpose? 
The program helped mold us into the individuals we are today. It helped us choose which specialties we want to work in as well as the kind of providers we want to be.

Life after CBU

What have you done since graduating?
We both recently passed the PANCE (medical board for PA) and are currently in the process of getting our licenses.

Kim has accepted her dream job working as a PA in interventional cardiology in Fresno, CA. She will see patients in clinic as well as four hospitals in the Fresno area.

Kyrian, as a former Fresno State football player, is hopeful to work in orthopedic surgery with an emphasis in sports medicine.

Is there anything you learned at CBU that you still use in your professional life today?
The core values of CBU are very important to us and are something we will carry throughout our personal and professional lives. Professionally, the education we received at CBU is something that is remarkable and will help us stand out in our careers as PAs. We will use the knowledge we have to push ourselves further every day.

How are you making a difference in the world? How are you living your purpose?
As providers we will make a difference by using what we were taught at CBU and continuing to be compassionate, caring and educated medical providers. Working in the Fresno and surrounding area there is a large underserved, immigrant population. We feel fortunate that CBU has prepared us so well to effectively see this population.

Would you recommend CBU to others?
Yes! Being a PA student and rotating through many different hospitals and seeing other students from other schools, we are certain that the CBU PA program is a top tier program. The support, education and encouragement are outstanding, and it makes what seems like a difficult task of completing such a rigorous program, not so difficult.