Teachning And Learning Center

CBU's Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) exists to foster a culture of integrated teaching and learning that impacts both the curricular and the co-curricular aspects of the CBU experience and equips Kingdom professionals to live out the Great Commission in service to the University, the community, the church, and the world.  This mission is rooted in a biblical understanding of God, His world, and His plan for the nations.  The incarnate person and eternal purpose of Jesus Christ grounds our approach to a teaching-learning process that empowers co-educators to serve others in the classroom and beyond. 

It is the goal of the TLC to:

    Empower educators to use their God-given gifts and talents to develop Kingdom professionals; Create a safe, welcoming space in which educators can share strengths to equip others; Create a community dedicated to edifying one another for the common purpose of authentically living the Great Commission; Provide opportunities for educators to grow personally, professionally and spiritually as they develop a Kingdom perspective of what God has called them to do; Model and develop what it means to teach, coach, and  mentor from a Kingdom perspective;

Model and facilitate scholarship and research that is biblically rooted or that intentionally seeks to be "salt and light" in secular contexts.

To these ends, the TLC:

    offers regular workshops and discussions that focus on best practices for integrated teaching and learning; provides physical and online resources to help educators develop their teaching skills and expand their thinking about the academic profession and the role of Christian higher education; supports the instructional technology needs of educators across campus; offers regular training and individual support in the use of instructional technology; provides opportunities to explore new technology and innovations in the use of technology to support teaching and learning; offers training in how to incorporate an authentic Kingdom perspective in every discipline; facilitates presentations of best practices and current approaches to the discipline of teaching; mentors educators through peer mentoring opportunities, observation, peer evaluation, and individual coaching; coordinates internal and external speakers on topics of teaching and learning from a Kingdom perspective; assists in coordinating other development opportunities across campus including training for junior doctoral faculty, academic leaders (deans, assistant/associate deans, program directors and chairs; orientation and training for adjuncts; new faculty orientation and training; and Fall faculty workshop; cooperates with others to facilitate research opportunities and training in scholarship activities; and coordinates extended learning opportunities such as the Seminar on Faith in the Academic Profession (SOFAP), Perspectives, and Learning Communities.