Living Area Tours

Come see your future home on this special tour!

If you would like a closer look at our on campus living areas, this special tour is for you. You might be looking forward to your freshman year of college or maybe you are transferring here to CBU to finish your degree. We are convinced that living on campus is a valuable way to connect with other students. There are so many unique opportunities to get involved and make lasting friendships. 


We are able to show the following living areas:

  • Freshmen Living Areas:
    • Smith Hall
    • Simmons Hall
    • The Cottages
    •  The Village
    • Tower Hall
  • Upperclassmen Living Areas:
    • The Point
    • The Colony
    • University Place
    • Lancer Arms
    • College Park (online access only)


Helpful Information

  • ranks California Baptist University as one of best college dorms in California!
  • To maximize your visit, combine this tour with our full Campus Tour!
  • We have access to show one unit in each living area listed above. Students that have already received a housing assignment may not be able to see their exact room, but will see a close equivalent.
  • As an accepted student you can apply for housing here.
  • If you would like more information about all of the Living Areas on campus, please visit the Residence Life website.