Getting Support

As you progress toward your degree at CBU, we encourage you to take advantage of various resources on campus that offer academic, personal, and spiritual support. Click the various offices below to learn more about each resource.

  • Office of Student Success

    The Office of Student Success at California Baptist University aids in scholastic success through a student-oriented process of personal and group engagement. The Office of Student Success is perceptive and responsive to student needs, open to student ideas, cares about the advancement of each student, encourages student development, seeks to promote student growth and shares in the accomplishments of each student.

  • CBU Counseling Center

    The California Baptist University Counseling Center provides Christ-centered, Biblically based, psychologically sound therapy to allow the CBU community to be free to live their purpose and have a godly impact in the world.

    The CBU Counseling Center offers free, anonymous screenings online; provides individual, couples and family therapy; are involved in various campus outreach activities throughout the year; and have a variety of helpful resources available on their website.

    Counseling Center Website

  • Office of Spiritual Life

    The Office of Spiritual Life seeks to invest in lives to develop followers of Jesus. They offer various ministries and opportunities for discipleship.

    Office of Spiritual Life