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Writing is one of the primary ways all people can share their ideas. What first exists only in our minds can spread through our voice, into our communities, to reach people globally and shape the way others think. Most of the successful people you've ever heard of learned to write well to expand their influence. Those writing skills and rhetorical moves can be learned by anyone, and the University Writing Center exists to serve CBU students to write papers, prepare projects, and publish ideas.

Your Writing Center Coaches are trained to cultivate purpose-driven writers, communicators, and influencers. Their Mission is to help you develop the necessary processes and strategies to write with a more rhetorical mindset, teaching you to make conscious, careful decisions about how to communicate clearly and persuasively to different audiences.

Writing coaches will NOT “fix” your grammar or paper because they are not your editors. However, they will provide useful resources and help you to recognize areas of improvement, thinking with you about how to use language to maximize your message. Please use Grammarly to assist you in cleaning up writing errors.

Be sure to make an Appointment as soon as you receive your assignment. Come visit us upstairs at Lancer Arms #54 next to the Events Center, see what services would meet your needs, or send us a question at

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