Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find frequently asked questions. Some questions are related to all graduating students and some questions are specific to your degree type. So, be sure to scroll down and read all questions pertaining to your status.

All Candidates


Bachelor Degree Candidates

  • When will I get my honor cords?
    Honor cords will be given when you pick up your regalia or at Grad Check In on Commencement Day to qualified Bachelor degree candidates. Click here for more information about honor cords. For questions about honors or cords, please see the Registrar's table at Commencement at Grad Check In.
  • How do I know if I qualify for honors?
    Honors are determined by a student's cumulative grade point average at the completion of the previous semester. Contact the Registrar's Office to verify your eligibility.


Master Degree Candidates


Doctoral Degree Candidates

  • How do I order my regalia and take measurements for it?
    You will order your regalia via Google form by the deadline (form coming soon) in which your school/college will send to your Lancer Mail. Your regalia will be shipped directly to you in late July. You will be emailed instructions to assist in taking your specific measurements for your Doctoral gown. Please contact the department secretary of your school or college for more information.