Fellowship of Faithful Creatives

The Fellowship of Faithful Creatives is a cohort-based advanced faith integration program for students engaged in creative practice at California Baptist University.

The program allows students to take the time to ask fundamental questions about how their creativity relates to their Christian faith. Questions such as:

    • What is the Christian purpose of my creativity?
    • How can my creative products be a witness to Christ?
    • What does it mean to be a Christian creative beyond being a nice person?
    • How can my creative process strengthen my faith?

The Fellowship of Faithful Creatives is an opportunity to:

Connect with an interdisciplinary & intentionally Christian cohort.

Each year, 20 students who are intentionally seeking like-minded community and desire to dig deep into Christian considerations of creative practice will join together for a 2-year journey of community meals, academic courses, guest lecturers, and industry connections.

Study with CAVAD's Visiting Scholars.

The Fellowship cohorts will have a unique opportunity to learn from CAVAD's visiting scholars <link> each semester. Students will engage with the scholars via lectures, courses, meals, and conversations around fire pits.

Go on retreats in the mountains.

The Fellowship is a 2-year program consisting of one weekend retreat each semester. The retreats are an amazing weekend dedicated to thinking deeply about creativity with your creative cohort and faculty in a beautiful mountain setting.

Dedicate the time to discovering how to relate Christianity and your Creativity.

The Fellowship program is a 2-year program consisting of one retreat-based 1-unit course per semester (4 units total). These courses <link> provide foundational Christian thinking about creativity and an opportunity to put ideas into practice, all while making new like-minded friends across various creative disciplines at CBU.

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