Things To Do Near Campus

CBU's Riverside locale is a growing city that still maintains its historical charm. What used to be the U.S. capital for citrus production is now a bustling metropolis. The Downtown area, which is less than six miles from CBU, is home to several unique and eclectic specialty shops, one of the largest antique districts in the Inland Empire, and over 60 restaurant choices ranging from fine dining to fast food. Here are a few links and a list of some of the favorite local places that are only a small component to what makes the Riverside locale so great.

Mt. Rubidoux: It is a bit of a hike to get to the top: Mount Rubidoux rises 1339 feet above the Santa Ana River, but we think it is worth it. Along with breathtaking panoramic views, the Father Serra Cross and the World Peace Tower are located on the summit.

Mission Inn: Spend lots of dough to get a first class meal, or just walk around and soak in the historic beauty. The Christmas season is the best time to see the Mission Inn because the entire five-story building is covered in lights, animated figurines and every other type of holiday inspired decoration you can imagine.

Coffee Depot- Swing dancing, open mic nights (including several artists and bands from CBU), board games, Italian sodas and cremosas, and everything else that's great about a local college hang out.

Riverside Plaza- Shopping, movies, and restaurants, all in one. Who could ask for more?

Castle Amusement Park- Okay, so it's cheesy miniature golf, but who can beat themed courses, arcade games and go-cart races?

Fairmount Park: Besides its two lakes and sprawling acreage, the park boasts outdoor activities like paddle boating, lawn bowling, golf and open air concerts.

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Additional resources (non-CBU websites):

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