Thank you for your interest in the Aviation Department. Here are some links to common areas oftentimes requested from prospective students and parents:

  1. Aviation Flight BS Commercial Concentration degree planning guide (shows all courses required for the degree with three and four year plans selectable on the bottom of the excel sheet)
  2. Reduced ATP information (allows a graduate to go to the airlines at 1,000 hours vice 1,500 hours)
  3. Letter of Agreement from Federal Aviation Administration for California Baptist University Reduced ATP program (shows classes approved to meet the 60 academic unit requirement for 1,000 hours)
  4. Aviation Flight BS (shows all lab fees at bottom of page for flight lab classes)
  5. VA Student benefits explanation (outlines VA and Aviation Flight program with costs and benefits)
  6. Costs (tuition and fees tab at bottom of page will link to the latest costs for your appropriate year)
  7. Next Steps for Accepted Students (outlines the steps to follow as you prepare to enter the flight program)

Thank you for your consideration of Aviation Flight at California Baptist University. Our hope is that the above links will help point you to the answers to many of your questions. There are many other links o our page with more information, but these address the most common asked questions of prospective students and parents.

Contact the Department of Aviation Science

Chair: Dr. John Marselus
Department Secretary: Rosemary Welsh
Phone: (951) 552-8800

Flight Operations Center
6865 Airport Drive
Riverside, CA 92504