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2023 DSW Graduate Book

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Programs Administration to Advocate for Displaced Populations

This group focuses on advocacy for marginalized groups including but not limited to, individuals and families experiencing homeless, immigrants, refugees, individuals involved with the justice system, and international social work.

Class of 2025 Faculty Advisor:

Dr. Viola Lindsey, PhD, MSW


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Class of 2024 Faculty Advisor:

Dr. Jasmine Reed, Psy.D


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Eliminating Racial Disparities in Policy and Service Delivery

This group focuses on advancing programs and policy to elliminate the negative impact of social problems that disproportionately effect African Americans, Latinx populations, and other ethnic minority groups.

Class of 2025 Faculty Advisor:

Dr. Kendra Flores-Carter, DSW, MSW


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Class of 2024 Faculty Advisor:

Dr. Lizbeth Gaona, Ph.D, MSW


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Wellbeing Promotion for Children, Youth, and Families

This group focuses on addressing the myriad of complex issues that affect children and their families. Special attention is given to marginalized families and those involved in the child welfare, mental health, education, or juvenile justice systems of care.

Class of 2025 Faculty Advisor:

Dr. Antonio Mejico Jr., EdD


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Class of 2024 Faculty Advisor:

Dr. Catherine Leach, Ed.D.


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