Faculty Resources

Faculty responsibilities at CBU include three primary domains: Teaching, Scholarship, and Service.  The Teaching and Learning Center strives to support faculty in each of those domains through workshops, seminars, speaker series, book studies, and online resources.  


The largest and most complex domain is teaching.  Teaching is a multi-dimensional tasks that includes four large skill sets: administrative tasks, planning, teaching, and assessment.  Each of these skill sets are challenging in their own right and require a great deal of training and practice.  

CBU faculty members have the added privilege of integrating our beliefs and understandings about God and His kingdom into our discussions about our disciplines and content.  Integrating faith well requires time to think critically about our content and our instructional practice in light of our understanding about who God is and how He works.  Follow this link to find more information from the TLC on how to integrate faith effectively in your courses.

Finally, teaching well in today's environment requires comfort and skills in online instructional tools.  Instructional technology can enhance in-class learning as well as provide opportunities for hybrid and online delivery of content.  To do this well requires comfort and competence with the instructional technology as well as an understanding of how to best implement these technologies so they are enhancing the learning experience for students.  Faculty can learn more about our core technologies, access quick tutorials, and register for upcoming workshops by following this link.


Scholarship takes on many forms depending on the discipline of the faculty member.  This could include musical performances, art exhibits, and conference presentations as well as published journal articles and books.  Faculty members should work closely with Program Directors, Department Chairs, and Deans in their Schools and Colleges to determine the most appropriate scholarly products for their content and discipline.  

The Teaching and Learning Center has developed some resources to support faculty in developing their scholarly agenda.


Faculty provide job-related services to their programs, departments, schools/colleges, and the university as a whole.  Support for service opportunities is forthcoming.