The Teaching Resources link on the right will send you to resources for teaching at CBU (such as course design and delivery, as well as administrative tasks). The Teaching and Faith link has resources for integrating your faith with your teaching. The Technology for Education link has tutorials for Blackboard, Webex, Zoom, Box, Voicethread and other instructional technologies. You can also see the events portal.

What is Teaching?

The literature on teaching tells us there are three distinct skill sets when it comes to teaching students: Planning, Delivery (Teaching), and Assessment.  Each one of these categories requires a different set of skills and each take time to develop.  If you have had difficulty with one or two of these, you are not alone.  Most instructors are good at one and struggle with the two others. For our purposes here, we have created a space for Teaching Resources in the right-hand menu to support your work.  Course Design covers Planning lessons as well as planning Assessments, and Course Delivery contains resources for Delivery of instruction as well as delivery of Assessment tools.  We hope you will find these resources helpful.


One of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is the habit of sharpening our swords.  We are constantly improving - even in areas where we already have strengths.  Improvement requires reflection.  The literature tells us that instructors with strong student outcomes spend time reflecting on their work.  We have a space for that called Course Evaluations and Reflection.  Check there for resources to examine the data of your course evaluations, reflect on your course design and assessment data, and create a plan for moving your teaching skills forward.

Administrative Tasks

There are a number of tasks to complete that support the courses we teach, such as taking attendance, submitting grades, etc.  Additionally, you might find yourself needing to refer students to someone else for additional support.  All of those tasks are important, so we have created the Administrative Tasks for Teaching section to provide you with some quick guides and tutorials.

Teaching and Faith

At CBU, we have the opportunity to provide our students with a biblical perspective of our discipline.  For so many of our students, this will give them the opportunity to bring a Christ-centered approach to their work.  Resources to support you in this important work can be found under SOFAP and under Teaching and Faith.  We invite you to explore those resources and reach out to us as you continue to develop learning experiences that bring your students closer to Christ and deeper in their understanding of His work.

More on Teaching

Also, click here for TLC blog articles on best practices for teaching.

This site will continue to build with resources for you to use to supplement what you are already doing well.  Check back for updates often!

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