Club Portlet

Clubs play an important role on the California Baptist University campus by encouraging students to pursue interests, develop leadership skills, create meaningful relationships, and enhance academic achievements.

Student clubs and organizations are open to all students, except for academic clubs and organizations whose memberships may be restricted only on the basis of involvement in the particular academic discipline.

Bring Your People Together

The Club Application for the 2024-2025 academic year is now open. Community Life is excited to announce we will be using a new platform called CBU Connect. Please use InsideCBU to find the 24/25 Club Application on Community Life's page.

Find Your People

Interested in joining a club? Below you will find a full list of clubs for the 2023-2024 academic year. Please email the Club President to join the club or ask any questions.

We are committed to ensuring your success as you participate in clubs. Any questions please contact Kryssa Mattson, Program Coordinator - Student Clubs.

Accounting Society

The mission of the Accounting Society is to guide CBU students toward their future career in business while introducing different aspects of experiences and struggles within the industry. This society creates a community for everyone to expand their knowledge, increase their network, and provides the opportunity to ask skilled professionals or other peers any questions about their experience.

President - Rebecca Becerra 

Adviser - Richard Ardito 

Architecture Engineering Construction (AEC)

The AEC (Architecture Engineering Construction) Club focuses on developing Architecture, Engineering, and Construction majors into well-rounded and knowledgeable professionals and strive to create a space for students to collaborate. Through those activities, they not only learn how to work in a real-world setting and sharpen their skills to their professional career, but they also learn how to serve the community with the skill set they gain through their schooling at CBU and club activities.

President - Fabian Ortiz

Adviser - Jay Lee

American Sign Language Club (ASL)

The mission of the ASL Club is to encourage and support students pursuing careers related to the Deaf community by offering and facilitating activities that promote greater Deaf awareness, learning opportunities, and relationship building among Deaf friends in the community and among fellow classmates.

President - Priscilla Morino

Advisor - Daniel Blair

American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)

Our goal as American Society of Civil Engineers is to advance the profession of all civil engineering students and expand networking opportunities with potential companies. ASCE strives to prepare essential resources, educational support to its members, and promoting innovation and excellence in civil engineering practice. Overall. ASCE aims to contribute to the development of all members in the club to improve the quality of life for our people and community.

President - Fatima Duenas Esparza

Adviser - Jong-Wha Bai

American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

The mission of ASME is to provide a Christ-centered foundation by which engineers of all backgrounds can build experience, community, and creativity, with the ultimate purpose of positively impacting the world through their mechanical skill set.

President - Theodore Powell

Adviser - Julia Qing Zheng

Art Club

Our goal is to provide CBU students with a space to be creative and build community with each other. Subsequently, we want to bring recognition and glory to God as our creator. This year, we hope to supply a low-stress environment where students can relax and have an artistic outlet.

President - Malea Valdez

Adviser - Kristine Lippire 

Art Therapy Club

Art Therapy Club seeks to create a safe space for students to learn about and participate in art as therapy. Through different events, meetings, and activities, students will have the opportunity to de-stress, relax, and explore emotions or resolve difficult experiences within a supportive community. The ATC seeks to include not only art therapy specific majors, but also the student body as a whole and welcome anyone willing to explore deeper emotions through art mediums.

President - Kia Harlan

Adviser - Nancy Ward

Asian and Pacific Islander Club (API)

We are here to spread awareness of the diverse population at CBU, and to also serve as a welcoming community to any CBU student looking to personally engage and broaden their knowledge of the API community and its unique cultures.

President - Malia Lizama

Adviser - Jones Tsai

Association of Computing Machinery (ACM)

Within the CBU chapter for the Association Computing Machinery Club, we strive to cultivate a vibrant community of future engineers, grounded in faith and driven by passion for technology and computational excellence.  Our mission is to empower students with the knowledge, skills, and values necessary to excel in the world of computing, while fostering a strong sense of camaraderie and spiritual growth.

President - Wyatt Bodle

Adviser - Larry Clement

Athletic Training Student Association (ATSO)

The mission of ATSO is to represent passion and commitment in advancing and promoting the profession of Athletic Training. We have a clear vision to support and develop athletic trainers through service initiatives and foster strong faith within the community. Through our efforts, we strive to enhance the quality of care provided to patients, promote the advancement of knowledge specific to athletic training, and ensure that students are equipped with proper skills to excel in the profession.

President - Joelle Pasalo

Adviser - Jolene Dickert

Aviation Science Club

At the Aviation Science Club, we strive to be a greater version of ourselves and as pilots. Our mission is to offer students the resources to do good wherever God takes them in their lives. Through God’s will and student collaboration, we will create a better tomorrow.

President - Dante Albanese

Adviser - Creighton Goodman

Biology Club

The mission of the Biology Club is to develop a passion for the biological sciences and an admiration of God’s creation as well as to provide educational and inspirational support to those majoring in biology and similar majors.

President - Mia Tamayo

Adviser - Daniel Szeto

BioMedical Engineering Society (BMES)

The Biomedical Engineering Society promotes a collaborative and inclusive community to advance human health through educational discovery. We provide a space for upperclassmen and lowerclassmen to connect within the BME major. We encourage students to grow academically as they hear from other students' experiences and guest speakers from industry.

President - Grace Santrach

Adviser - Seung-Jae Kim

Black Student Union (BSU)

The mission of the Black Student is that each person has been created for a purpose. Black Student Union consolidates this view by a Christ-centered educational experience that teaches about ethnic and cultural minorities through academics, social services, and fellowship. This is integrated with spiritual development, which allows a safe haven where undergraduates, graduates, and professors can exchange ideas along with beliefs; With the wealth of knowledge being passed by our community.

President - Kene Thomas

Adviser - Kenya Davis Hayes

Botany Club 

The Botany Club seeks to glorify God through his creation, as observed in the beauty and design found in the plant kingdom.

President - Natalie Cruz

Adviser - Jacob Lanphere

Cars and Coffee

Our mission is to foster a community of car enthusiasts at CBU, grounded in Christian values of fellowship, respect, and service. Through weekly meet-ups, we seek to provide a welcoming space for students to share their passion for cars, learn from one another, and support each other in their personal and academic pursuits.

President - Jack Wilson

Adviser - Chris Thomas

Chemistry Club

The mission of the Chemistry Club is to encourage a love for chemistry through events and demonstrations for CBU students and the surrounding community.

President - Jordan Chan

Adviser - Brittany Ketenbrink

Commuter Club

Our mission is to engage the commuter population on campus using meetings and events to foster community among commuters and to make them feel welcome here at CBU. We exist to enhance the CBU commuter experience by promoting togetherness, initiative, and a servant's heart. Our goal is to create an environment that allows students to come alongside one another as they live their purpose in their social and academic spheres.

President - Elijah Kang

Adviser - Andres Vera

Creative Writing Club

The Creative Writing Club seeks to bring students together who have a passion for expressing their creativity through the written word. Students will be able to find their voice, fellowship with other creative writers, and improve their craft through club meetings. The Creative Writing Club will engage students with various kinds of creative writing for encouragement, feedback, and enjoyment.

President - Rebecca Ann Harrel

Adviser - Berniece Alspach

Cruise at CBU

Uniting people, not just in faith and education, but through hobby, passion, and interest in the automotive community.  We hope to unite people with others outside their major and allow students to take a break from school and connect on a different level with others.   We promote safe driving and will not tolerate recklessness within the automotive community.

President - Clarissa Ayala Gallegos

Adviser - Antonio Mejico

Culture and Community Club

Offering a creative space for CBU to grow as a community through fun events and community service!

President - Alden Plunk

Adviser - Julie Goodman

Disney Club

We aspire to build community among the students of CBU by coming together to appreciate a common interest. We seek to entertain, inform, and inspire the student body by bringing the magic of Disney to campus. We wish to create a safe and loving environment for all students by hosting events that seek to celebrate our differences.

President - Nicole Robitzer

Adviser - Elizabeth Morris

Environmental Science Club

The mission of the Env Sci Club is to gather individuals with a shared love of the environment ranging from conservation to policy making. Through the Club, students with a minor/concentration may build networking connections throughout Riverside, the state of CA, and a database of previous CBU Env Sci students who work and live in other parts of the world willing to connect with the Club members. The Club is committed to fostering a love for the environment created by God.

President - Kylie Williams

Adviser - Bonjun Koo

Forensic Psychology Club

The mission of the Forensic Psychology Club is to host guest speaker events that allows forensic psychology students to hear presentations given by professionals in the psychology field and educate students of possible career paths they can take with a forensic psychology degree.

President - Jerrondralyn Beltran

Adviser - Erica Roth

Forensic Science Club

The mission of the Forensic Science Club is to promote critical thinking and encourage an interest in the criminal justice and science fields. A platform for spreading knowledge of various fields within Forensic Science to everyone interested in learning what is involved with the abundance of resources available.

President - Kassandra Valencia

Adviser - Thomas Ferko

Formula SAE 

The Formula SAE Collegiate Design Series (FSAE Club)  provides engineering students with a high level of exposure to practical engineering experience. In designing, manufacturing, and testing each year's vehicle, students will have the opportunity to develop both the soft and hard skills required to succeed in any industry they choose. It is the desire of CBU SAE that each of our members go on to become successful Christ-centered engineers who uphold a standard of excellence wherever they go.

President - Cooper Carroll

Adviser - Richard Baumer

Health Nex 

HealthNex is your gateway to a thriving career in health sciences. Our mission is to empower health science majors with the knowledge, resources, and connections needed to navigate their academic and professional journeys. In the coming year, our goals include providing guidance on career paths, assisting in the grad school selection process, offering preparatory workshops, and fostering a supportive community for collaboration and growth.

President - Marisa Norheim

Adviser - Effat Zeidan

IJM CBU Chapter

CBU IJM is a globally oriented club providing students with the opportunity to engage in the pursuit of Justice for disenfranchised peoples, specifically against Human Trafficking, Violence against Women and Children, and Abuse of Power. We accomplish this through our 3 Core Principles: Advocacy, which includes both Educating about and Inspiring Action against systems of oppression, communal Prayer and theological education about God’s heart for the broken, and Fundraising on campus and abroad.

President - Samuel Carter

Adviser - Amy Stumpf

Indigenous Students Club

We are aiming to create a safe space for students of Indigenous descent to reconnect with their heritage while keeping in line with the Gospel. We are aiming to create an environment where people can learn about the many diversities of Indigenous cultures and better understand the background and history that these people have come from. We are also here to help students become allies of Indigenous Nations, learning through experiences and pieces of the culture that we share.

President - David Harty

Adviser - Damon Horton

Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE)

IEEE's core purpose is to foster technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity.

President - Daniel Aleksak

Adviser - John Butler

Kinesiology Club 

The mission of the CBU Kinesiology Club is to prepare a community of students for Christian service within physical activity-related careers.

President - Sarah Krager

Adviser - Amy Miller

Kinesiology Journal Club at CBU

To come together as future researchers, clinicians, practitioners, and coaches; to learn and develop the required critical appraisal skills to analyze and implement rapidly evolving scientific literature in the fields of exercise science and performance. We seek to build a community of support, a network of like-minded emerging professionals who seek to positively impact our field through ethical, evidence-based data.

President - Carmen Wardwell

Adviser - Jong-Kyung Kim

Lacrosse Club at CBU

Empowering Excellence Through Unity: Our California Baptist University Lacrosse Club is dedicated to fostering a community of driven individuals passionate about lacrosse. We strive to create an inclusive environment that welcomes both men and women, providing a platform for skill development, teamwork, and personal growth. With unwavering commitment, we aim to represent our university with sportsmanship, integrity, and competitive spirit.

President - Osvaldo Saucedo

Adviser - Dawn Carter

Latino Student Union (LSU)

We aim to promote Latino/Hispanic cultures on campus while working together to create a friendly atmosphere to discuss our shared interests and differences while educating students about our cultures. Our commitment to spreading the value of higher education through organized activities is also reflected in our efforts to include the Great Commission in every event.

President - Kimberly Roman

Adviser - Noemi Alexander

Math Club at CBU

The purpose of the CBU Mathematics club is to support the growth and character of the Division of Natural and Mathematical Sciences (NMS). This club aims to serve the NMS Division through social events and community service that will promote the integration of faith and Mathematics. We aim to help our community in a Christ-like manner and to encourage future mathematicians to be bold in their conviction and understanding that our God both created and sustains mathematics.

President - Isa Birrueta

Adviser - Michael Sill

NOMAS (National Organization of Minority Architecture Students) at CBU

Our mission at CBU NOMAS is to encourage collaboration amongst diverse individuals, allowing them to foster fruitful connections between students and professionals, as well as showcasing CBU student work.

President - Laila Mcgee

Adviser - Aaron Greene

National Society of Black Engineers

At CBU, NSBE's mission is to increase the amount of culturally responsible engineers who excel in the academics surrounding STEM. We strive to cultivate a community where members are given the opportunity to grow and reap the many benefits NSBE has to offer. Members learn to develop interpersonal skills and public speaking while serving the local and global community and strengthening their spirituality.

President - Duncan Barnes 

Adviser - Robert Shields

National Student Speech Language Hearing Association (NSSLHA)

NSSLHA is a club that first focuses on loving God by being biblically rooted and Christ-centered, loves others by caring for one another and those with language, speech, communication, and/or hearing disorders just as Jesus did, and reaching this world by pointing others to Christ as we serve and help those in our field.

President - Brooklyn Perez

Adviser - Naheem Kim

Nutrition Club

Our goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle, positively impact our communities, and encourage good nutrition habits. Everyone needs to eat, so let's enjoy our food in a way that is good for our bodies and minds too!

President - Karina Lay

Adviser - Akua Amankwaah

Philosophy Club at CBU

The club will embark on a captivating journey of intellectual exploration and lively discussions. It is dedicated to making philosophy accessible, engaging, and enjoyable for all, regardless of prior exposure to philosophical ideas. At the heart of the club is a commitment to cultivating critical thinking and ethical reflection from the Christian perspective. The club’s mission is to create a vibrant and open-minded community that explores life's profound questions through the Christian lens.

President - Franschesco Cabreracier

Adviser - Timothy Mosteller

Physician Assistant Student Society

The purpose of the student society shall be to serve as the official organization for the students of the CBU PA student society, to promote academic achievement and clinical excellence, and to promote the PA as a member of the health care delivery team. The student society will also emphasize the importance of becoming a globally-minded and biblically routed practitioner, who is equipped to serve all populations.

President - Philip Solt

Adviser - Mary Stahovich

Pre-Dental Club

Our pre-dental members can learn the knowledge and tools they need to be a successful dental applicant and apply to dental school through general club meetings, guest speakers, and much more. We want to provide the best experience for all members and increase their chances of getting into dental school. We will offer volunteer activities, educational opportunities, support and guidance.

President - Cielo Rodriguez

Adviser - Melissa Antonio

Pre Law Club

The purpose of the Pre-Law Society is to provide its members with knowledge about the legal field and its careers. This club will establish a community committed to supporting its members through their undergraduate years in preparation for law school through exposure to hands-on experience, LSAT preparations, and various guest speakers.

President - Emily Lee

Adviser - Jim Bishop

Pre-Med Club

The Pre-med club is dedicated to empowering aspiring medical professionals, fostering a community that integrates faith, service, and academic excellence. Our organized events aim to equip our members with a comprehensive foundation in pre-medical knowledge, critical thinking skills, and ethical principles rooted in biblical values. Our mission is to inspire a generation of health-care leaders committed to serving diverse communities, promoting holistic well-being to positively impact the world.

President - Oscar Mena

Adviser - Dennis Bideshi

Pre-Optometry Club

Our mission is to bring awareness, insight, and preparation to all undergraduate students at California Baptist University about the field of Optometry. Our purpose is to be the source in helping undergraduate students achieve his or her goal of being an Optometrist. As a Pre-Opt club we will bring awareness and insight that will be provided to students through professionals within the desired field and through connected practices allowing for a source of networking and possible opportunities.

President - Mary Gerges

Adviser - Stephen Runyan

Pre-Pharmacy Club

At the Pre-Pharmacy Club, our mission is to foster a supportive community for aspiring pharmacists by providing them with the resources, guidance, and opportunities needed to excel in their pursuit of a pharmacy career. Our club aims to empower members through professional development workshops, networking events, and educational seminars, equipping them with the knowledge and skills essential for success in pharmacy school and beyond.

President - Jonathan Crandall

Adviser - Hyun Woo Park

Pre-Physical Therapy Club

Encourage, prepare and provide support to students interested in pursuing the field of physical therapy while creating a sense of community among students with similar career interests.

President - Megan Choi

Adviser - Jordan Adams

Pre-Physician Assistant Society Club

The mission of the Pre-Physician Assistant Society is to provide students with knowledge about the Physician Assistant profession, aid them in pursuing a career in health care, and build community.

President - Arsema Tefferi

Adviser - Heather Ontiveros

Pre-Student Osteopathic Medical Association (SOMA)

To present the field of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) to pre-health students attending CBU.

President - Yuvra Singh

Adviser - Nathanael Heyman


We aim to create Christ-centered veterinary leaders and to develop high standards of quality and excellence by cultivating connections in the veterinary field. We hope to nourish practical skills and create a support system with like-minded peers in and outside of the CBU community.

President - Taira Hall

Adviser - Bruce Prins

Professional Sales and Marketing Club

The CBU Sales and Marketing Club will provide job opportunities, career information, and development that pertain to sales and marketing by having guest speakers and group activities. Meetings will have guest speakers from Christian backgrounds and will examine professional, spiritual, and unfamiliar scenarios that Christians might experience in their careers. Members will relate each lesson and information on biblical principles through group discussions and reading of the bible.

President - Vincent Mendoza

Adviser - Christina Gonzalez

Psychology Club

Engaging the student body in community, passion, knowledge, and experience in the psychology work force from a Christian perspective.

President - Josiab Her

Adviser - TBD

Racing EV at CBU

The mission of the FSAE Electric Vehicle Team is to build a community of engineers purposed with designing, prototyping, testing, validating, and manufacturing an electric vehicle to provide a platform committed to developing practical knowledge, integrity, leadership, and teamwork for future academic and professional growth.

President - Alysse Cybart

Adviser - John Butler

Radiological Science Club

The mission of the Radiologic Science Club is to bring those interested in the field of Radiologic Science and Medical Imaging together so that we can learn and equip ourselves to become well rounded future health care professionals and glorify God in our work.

President - Kirstena Courtney

Adviser - Kristin Beinschroth

Red Cross Club

The mission of the Red Cross Club is to prevent and alleviate human suffering in the face of emergencies. The power of volunteers and the generosity of donors serve to give back to the community. With the Red Cross Club, students will learn to work together and create friendships while understanding the significance of protecting life and health.

President - Therelin Segura

Adviser - Anabel Flores

Robotics Team

The CBU Competitive Robotics Team encourages students to build teamwork, communication, and leadership skills while competing in an international, intercollegiate robotics competition. Our process includes design, manufacturing, programming, testing and documentation. We practice public speaking and marketing skills as we work to obtain sponsors, engage the community, and build a robot and team that has style. God gave us creativity to use for His glory; let’s change the world!

President - Titus Rehard

Adviser - Michael Martin


The mission of the NCAA Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) is to enhance the total student-athlete experience by promoting opportunity, protecting student-athlete welfare, and fostering a positive student-athlete image, while honoring Christ through excellence in Athletics. California Baptist University seeks to provide students with the opportunity to be Biblically rooted, academically prepared, globally minded and equipped to serve. 

President - Nolan Mendoza

Adviser - Matthew Ford

Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers at CBU

SHPE at California Baptist University empowers Hispanics students in STEM to complete the STEM career journey and reach their full potential by providing support in professional and personal lifestyles, motivation and guidance.

President - Jose Mendoza
Adviser - Mario Oyanader

Society of Women Engineers (SWE)

Empower women to achieve their full potential in careers as engineers and leaders; expand the image of the engineering and technology professions as a positive force in improving the quality of life and demonstrate the value of diversity and inclusion. The club is aligned with the mission in that we support that all people are equally valued in God’s sight. This club is designed to encourage women in engineering to fulfill their God-given purpose in the field of engineering and technology.

President - Daniella Chacon

Adviser - Rhonda Clement

STEM Girls

Our mission is to unify and celebrate a diverse community of primarily women who are passionate about STEM fields. In this club, we strive to cultivate a community of fellowship, while living out our God-given purposes and applying our faith to future careers. We aim to serve others, inspire the next generation, provide growth opportunities for club members, and reach out to the community beyond CBU.

President - Elizabeth Friederang

Adviser - Jim Buccholz

Students of Nursing Association (SONA)

Our mission is to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ and serve his people through the medicine ministry. Through this ministry, we uplift and heal God's people, while guiding them to Christ to provide holistic healing methods. We promote the physical, mental, and spiritual healing of God's people through combining our gifts in medicine with our passion to follow Christ.

President - Gabriella Orellana

Adviser - Virginia Cadenhead

The Chess Club

To develop our ability to play chess and think strategically while serving the CBU and riverside community.

President - Chase Critser

Adviser - Anthony Donaldson

Ultimate Frisbee Club

The mission of the Ultimate Frisbee Club is to provide a welcoming, encouraging, and faith-centered community for anyone that loves to play or wants to learn the game of Ultimate.

President - Adam Kneale

Volleyball Club

To further advance Christ-centered community through volleyball to foster meaningful relationships between students of diverse cultures and backgrounds. To establish a space of enriching companionship, encouraging all people to become followers who are single-mindedly pursuing Christ. 

President - Ethan Lowe

Adviser - Crystal Chavez

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