All international students at CBU will be enrolled in CBU's approved health insurance. This is to help ensure that you have proper coverage, and are not being enrolled in a policy that will not provide you the care you may need while in the United States. This insurance allows you to receive medical care here in America if you should need it while you are a student. You will pay for the medical insurance as part of your student accounts fees two times each year: Fall and Spring. Your insurance card is valid through the whole school year, Fall, Spring and Summer semesters. 

  • What does my insurance cover?

    Your UnitedHealthcare coverage, offered through a company called Gallagher, will cover (pay for) basic medical procedures such as:

    • Physicals

    • Most doctor visits/check-ups

    • Immunizations

    • Partial payment for scans (X-ray, MRI, CAT) 

  • How does my insurance work?

    As soon as you arrive at CBU you should create an online account with Gallagher's website. Through this site you can access your digital health insurance card. We strongly encourage you to log into this account at the start of every semester so you have access to your digital card early and before you may need to use it. 

    If you get sick or hurt, you should go to one of the approved medical facilities listed below to receive treatment. You will need to show them your digital health insurance card so they can contact Gallagher and send them the medical bill.  The insurance company will pay all or part of the costs of your bill, and then send you a bill for the remaining balance. This bill will come to the International Center or to your home residence.

  • What doctors or hospitals can I go to with my insurance?

    Approved Medical Facilities

    CBU’s Student Health Center
    3626 Monroe Street
    Riverside, CA 92504
    Phone: +1 (951) 321-6520

    Parkview Community Hospital
    3865 Jackson St.
    Riverside, CA 92503
    Phone: +1 (951) 688-2211

    Riverside Community Hospital
    4445 Magnolia Ave
    Riverside, CA 92501
    Phone: +1 (951) 788-3000 

    Click here to see Gallagher's website for more facilities. 

  • What does my insurance not cover?

    Your health insurance will not cover:

    You can add these as additional charges to your health insurance if you need dental or eye care. Please click the links above for more information about dental or vision coverage.


    Recommended Dentists

    Dr. Robert Mohn, DDS
    3731 Tibbetts St. #1,
    Riverside, CA, 92506
    +1 (951) 686-3368

    Dr. Zareh, DDS & Dr. Saesim, DDS
    8990 Garfield St. #4
    Riverside, CA, 92503
    +1 (951) 687-6453

  • Can I get my own health insurance, or not have any at all?

    No, as an international student you are required to have CBU's health insurance coverage. You will not be approved to go through another health insurance provider, nor to have health insurance waived altogether. 

  • I have questions about my health insurance.

    There are two places where you can find further information about your CBU health insurance: