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Clubs play an important role on the California Baptist University campus by encouraging students to pursue interests, develop leadership skills, create meaningful relationships and enhance academic achievements.

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The 2023-2024 Club Application is closed. The club application for the 2024-2025 academic year will be opening in Spring of 2024.

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Interested in joining a club? Below you will find a full list of clubs for the 2022-2023 academic year. This club list will be updated in the Fall to represent the official 2023-2024 clubs.

We are committed to ensuring your success as you participate in clubs. Any questions please contact Kryssa Mattson, Program Coordinator - Student Clubs.


2022-2023 Academic and Co-Curricular Clubs


Accounting Society

The mission of the Accounting Society is to guide students towards a business career while introducing different aspects of experiences and struggles in the industry.


Architecture Engineering Construction (AEC)

The mission of AEC is to focus on developing Architecture, Engineering, and Construction students into well-rounded and knowledgeable professionals. The AEC club will strive to create a space for students of the architecture, engineering, and construction management majors to collaborate. Some of this years goals will be to get students in contact and in front of employers by attending conferences, career fairs, competitions, and bringing companies for info sessions. 


American Institute of Chemical Engineers CBU Student Chapter (AIChE)

The mission of AIChE is to aid chemical engineering students in connecting with and learning about future career opportunities, as well as bringing our students together outside of the classroom. We want to bring the community together and connect on a level outside of academia.


American Sign Language Club (ASL)

The mission of ASL is to bridge the gap between the unreached Deaf culture group. Throughout the year, the ASL Club will be involved in various events in order to become assimilated into Deaf Culture.


American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)

The mission of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Student Chapter is to provide an opportunity for students to network with potential employers, collaborate with fellow civil engineering students, and reinforce classroom knowledge through participation in a variety of civil engineering technical projects.


American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

The mission of ASME is to provide a Christ-centered foundation by which engineers of all backgrounds can build experience, community, and creativity, with the ultimate purpose of positively impacting the world through their mechanical skillset.


Art Therapy Club

The mission of the Art Therapy Club is for anyone interested in learning more about art therapy and how it is applied in the real world. While Art Therapy students are the priority and focus of the club, Art Therapy Club is open to all majors who seek to become more emotionally aware and desire a safe space to express their emotions, as well as support AT majors by becoming more informed about Art Therapy. The mission of ATC  at CBU is to provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment.


Asian and Pacific Islander Club (API)

The mission of the Asian & Pacific Islander Club is to cultivate acceptance and appreciation of Asian & Pacific Islander culture on campus.


Association of Computing Machinery (ACM)

The mission of Association of Computing Machinery is to develope and maintain a respectful, close-knit community of students who are passionate about computer science and software engineering for the purpose of learning, creating, and professional development.


Athletic Training Student Association (ATSO)

The Athletic Student Organization is an organization whose primary focus includes educating, servicing, and fundraising opportunities for students interested in Athletic Training. Our main goal is to have our members attend professional conferences to network, attend educational seminars, and present research. We strive to create an environment that values inclusivity, diversity, and professional growth.


Biology Club

The mission of the Biology Club is to develop a passion for the biological sciences and an admiration of God’s creation as well as to provide educational and inspirational support to those majoring in Biology and similar majors.


BioMedical Engineering Society (BMES)

The mission of the Biomedical Engineering Society is to promote a collaborative and inclusive community to advance human health through education, discovery, and translation.


Black Student Union (BSU)

The mission of the Black Student is that each person has been created for a purpose. Black Student Union consolidates this view by a Christ-centered educational experience that teaches about ethnic and cultural minorities through academics, social services, and fellowship. This is integrated with spiritual development which allows a safe haven where undergraduates, graduates and professors can exchange ideas along with beliefs; With the wealth  of knowledge being passed by our community.


Botany Club 

The mission of the Botany club is seeking to glorify God through his creation as observed in the beauty and design found in the plant kingdom.


Leadership Society at California Baptist University

The mission of the Leadership Society of California Baptist University is to underscore the importance and application of leadership in the real world and to inspire ingenuity through thoughtful engagement and discussion.


Aviation Science Club at CBU

The mission of Aviation Science Club of CBU is dedicated to providing fun learning opportunities and activities to all students involved. Our goal is to make every event fun, as well as be there to support each other throughout the Aviation program every day.


Mathematics at CBU

The mission of Mathematics of CBU is to support the growth and character of the Division of Natural and Mathematical Sciences (NMS). This club aims to serve the NMS Division through social events and community service that will promote the integration of faith and Mathematics. We aim to help our community in a Christ-like manner and to encourage future mathematicians to be bold in their conviction and understanding that our God both created and sustains mathematics


Chemistry Club

The mission of the Chemistry Club is to encourage a love for chemistry through events and demonstrations for CBU students and the surrounding community.


Commuter Club

The mission of the Commuter Club is to build a community for the CBU students who commute to school. Our goal is to make all students feel welcomed and included in the lancer nation through friendship, service, and inclusion.


Concrete Canoe Club

The mission of the Concrete Canoe Club is to acclimate Civil Engineering juniors to a level capable of handling their Junior Design Project in a future semester and prepare them for the challenges they will face.


Counseling Club

The mission of the Counseling Club is to provide a community for counselors to feel empowered and supported.


Creative Writing Club

The mission of the Creative Writing Club is to bring together students of all years and majors to participate in the art of creative writing. The club will foster a creative faith-based environment for students to express themselves, find a community of other writers, and have fun. We will affirm the social ethic of the campus and maintain a community of positivity.


Disney Club

The mission of the Disney Club is to build community amongst Disney-lovers, to encourage them to connect with their inner child, and make CBU the second-happiest place on Earth.


Environmental Science Club

The mission of the Environmental Science Club is to remain Biblically Rooted in Genesis 1-2 gathering students who long to steward the environment and protect the world that our God created. The Club is Academically Prepared, holding study sessions for program classes. The Club is Globally Minded, supporting program EcoTours and looking to share the gospel and the Club’s love for the env, with a work-database of past students. The Ckub is Equipped to Serve, participating in service projects such as Arbor Day, EcoTours, and street clean-ups.


Fine Arts Club

The mission of the Fine Arts Club is to create a safe & friendly space for CBU students that provides them with a creative outlet as well as opportunities to build community. This space makes Christ the forefront of its values while also being open and welcoming to students of any major or belief system. Through the club, regardless of experience, students will be given the freedom to explore their individual creativity with guided assistance. With this in mind, we hope to bring glory and recognition to the ultimate Creator.


Forensic Psychology Club

The mission of the club is to develop a supportive community of students interested in forensic psychology.


Forensic Science Club

The mission of the Forensic Science Club is to promote critical thinking and encourage an interest in the criminal justice and science fields.


Formula SAE EV

The mission of the FSAE Electric Vehicle (EV) Team is to build a community of engineers purposed with designing, prototyping, testing, validating, and manufacturing an electric vehicle to provide a platform committed to developing practical knowledge, integrity, leadership, and teamwork for future academic and professional growth.


Formula SAE IC Chapter

The mission of the Formula SAE IC Chapter is to be a team that is committed to designing, fabricating, and racing a vehicle that can compete amongst the best, while enhancing the education and growth of our members. Over the years past CalBaptist Racing has progressed from 61st to 4th at competitions. We strive to give a real-world hands-on learning experience to engineering students that will allow them to grow in their education and take them to rewarding careers in the name of Christ our Lord.


Future Airport Executives

The mission of the Future Airport Executives is to provide career development, networking, and educational opportunities for the next generation of airport professionals and to bridge the gap between current and future aviation leaders. We want to ensure that all activities that the club conducts are centered in Christ and will help students fulfill their purpose in life.


Health Nex 

The mission of Health Nex is to help students with career aspirations related to healthcare in networking with individuals inside and outside of the CBU campus


IJM CBU Chapter

The mission of International Justice Mission is to protect people in poverty from violence by rescuing victims, bringing criminals to justice, restoring survivors to safety and strength, and helping local law enforcement build a safe future that lasts. IJM at CBU exists to educate students about poverty, violence, and human trafficking, and equip them to be lifelong advocates for justice.


Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE)

The mission of IEEE is to focus on preparing electrical and computer engineering students beyond the classroom through soft skills and technical projects.  IEEE builds a community of students in the same fields and support each other through team building and mentorship while facilitating relationships between CBU students and industry.


Investment Club

The mission of the Investment Club is to create applicable investment experience through increasing ethical financial and investment knowledge.


Lacrosse Club at CBU

The mission of the Lacrosse Club at CBU is to promote teamwork, perseverance, good work ethic, camaraderie, and joy in the game of lacrosse, all based on a foundation built upon biblical principles.


Latino Student Union (LSU)

The mission of Latino Student Union is to encourage Latino cultures on campus and build a safe and welcoming environment where students can talk about their faith, struggles, and goals and educate those who wish to learn about our culture and community.


National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE)

The mission of the National Society of Black Engineers is to increase the amount of culturally responsible engineers who excel in the academics surrounding STEM. We strive to cultivate a community where members are given the opportunity to grow and reap the many benefits NSBE has to offer. Members learn to develop interpersonal skills and public speaking while serving the local and global community and strengthening their spirituality.


NOMAS (National Organization of Minority Architecture Students) at CBU

The mission of NOMAS at CBU is to encourage collaboration amongst diverse individuals, foster genuine connections between students and professionals, as well as showcasing CBU student character and work.


National Student Speech Language Hearing Association (NSSLHA)

The mission of the National Student Speech Language Hearing Association (NSSLHA) is to benefit its members by continually improving its support, promotion, and advocacy of the highest quality preparation of professionals in audiology, speech-language pathology and speech and hearing science.


Nurses Christian Fellowship

The mission of Nurses Christian Fellowship, as a ministry of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA, is to establish and advance in nursing, within education and practice, witnessing communities of nursing students and nurses who follow Jesus as Savior and Lord: growing in love— for God, God's Word, God's people of every ethnicity and culture and God's
purposes in the world.


Nutrition Club

The mission of the Nutrition Club is to educate people about nutrition, help the community, and show fun and easy ways to achieve better nutritional health.


Physician Assistant Student Society

The purpose of the Physician Assistant Student Society is to serve as the official organization for the students of the CBU PA student society, to promote academic achievement and clinical excellence, and to promote the PA as a member of the health care delivery team. The student society will also emphasize the importance of becoming a globally-minded and biblically routed practitioner, who is equipped to serve all populations.


Pre-Dental Club

The mission of the Pre-Dental Club is to enrich the CBU students with information to succeed to dental school. We plan to provide wisdom and knowledge of success to the pathway of dental school while integrating faith based information. We always will maintain that connection with the Lord as well as show how it has helped previous members get into dental school. We will offer faith-based volunteer opportunities that help with the pathway to dental school.


Pre-Med Club

The mission of the Pre-Med Club is to educate, encourage, and prepare students for the challenging and rewarding journey towards medical school and a career in healthcare in order to ensure that CBU students are fulfilling their calling in serving others with passion and purpose.


Pre-Optometry Club

The mission of the Pre-Optometry Club is to bring awareness, insight, and preparation to all undergraduate students at California Baptist University about the field of Optometry.


Pre-Pharmacy Club

The mission of the Pre-Pharmacy Club is to prepare students to be academically informed about further education in the field of pharmacy. This club provides an environment for biblically rooted discovery of information in the pharmaceutical field. Information obtained will help students be better prepared to serve the community both near and far; These values match the 4core values. 


Pre-Physical Therapy Club

The mission of the Pre-Physical Therapy Club is to encourage, prepare and provide support to students interested in pursuing the field of physical therapy while creating a sense of community among students with similar career interests.


Pre-Physician Assistant Society Club

The mission of the Pre-Physician Assistant Society is to provide students with knowledge about the Physician Assistant profession, aid them in pursuing a career in health care and build community.


Pre-Student Osteopathic Medical Association (SOMA)

The mission of the Pre-Student Osteopathic Medical Association is to educate premedical students about osteopathic medicine and advocate about the equality of M.D. and D.O. medical degrees.



The mission of the Pre-Vet Club is to create Christ-centered veterinary leaders and to develop high standards of quality and excellence by cultivating connections in the veterinary field. We hope to nourish practical skills and create a support system with like-minded peers in and outside of the CBU community.


Psychology Club

The mission of the Psychology Club is to recognize and promote excellence in the science and application of psychology.


Radiological Science Club

The mission of the Radiological Sciences Club is to bring together students interested in the field, equip students with knowledge about the profession and program, and build community with each other.


Red Cross Club

The mission of the Red Cross Club is to prevent and alleviate human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors.


Society of Women Engineers (SWE)

The mission of Society of Women Engineers is to encourage women in engineering to fulfill their God-given purpose. We aim to unite women (and men) in engineering and computer science and assist them in being academically prepared through workshops, mentorship, support, and engagement with industry; service through STEM outreach events; biblically routed in their character and world view; globally-minded; encouraging members to explore how their education and skills can be used to impact the world for God’s glory.


Spanish Club

The mission of the Spanish club is to invite all students to engage in learning about the Spanish community all around the globe with the intent to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.


STEM Girls

The mission of STEM Girls is to unify and celebrate a diverse community of primarily women who are passionate about STEM fields. In this club, we strive to cultivate a community of fellowship, while living out our God-given purposes and applying our faith to future careers. We aim to serve others, inspire the next generation, provide growth opportunities for club members, and reach out to the community beyond CBU.


Students of Nursing Association (SONA)

The mission of SONA is to be the hands and feet of Jesus, by serving his people with medical care.



Themission of the Ski Club is to help students not only enjoy the cool wind on their face as they carve down the mountain but also connect with nature in the beautiful San Bernardino National Forest at Big Bear. Weekend trips to big bear will be the main events, with potential for trips to other ski resorts like Mammoth or Mountain High.  Advanced  students will also be able to help teach newer skiers/snowboarders the basics of how to ride and the rules of the mountain. LET’S SKI!


Ultimate Frisbee Club

The mission of the Ultimate Frisbee Club is to provide a welcoming, encouraging, and faith-centered community for anyone that loves to play or wants to learn the game of Ultimate.