Clubs and Organizations

Clubs play an important role on the California Baptist University campus by encouraging students to pursue interests, develop leadership skills, create meaningful relationships and enhance academic achievements.

Interested in starting a club? Clubs are student led and staff supported. You can find more detailed information under the Community Life tab on InsideCBU where you will find the club application which you can fill out anytime throughout the academic year. 

Interested in joining a club? See a full list of clubs below and feel free to contact the appropriate club president. You are also invited to join us at the Club Fair September 13, 2018 and January 25, 2019. This event is an opportunity to connect with the clubs in person as they give you a glimpse of their mission and how to get involved. It is also a chance for clubs to recruit and network for future collaborations.

We are committed to ensuring your success as you participate in clubs. Any questions please contact

Accounting Society

The mission of the Accounting Society is to provide opportunities for students to make connections and to network with future employers.


Nathan Hayes, president

Ellen Kaminski, advisor

Association for Computing Machinery Chapter 

The mission of the Association for Computing Machinery Chapter (ACM) is to develop and maintain a respectful, close-knit community of students who are passionate about computer science for the purpose of learning, creating, and professional development. 


Christopher Nugent, president

Michael Kolta, advisor

Active Minds 

The mission of Active Minds is to break the stigma surrounding mental health by discussing an integrated faith perspective. In doing so, we wish to improve mental health through various factors that are grounded in Jesus. 


Gurleen Kaur, president

Virgo Handojo, advisor

Architecture - Engineering - Construction 

The mission of the Architecture - Engineering - Construction Club (AEC) is to connect students with aspirations for construction careers with other students, industry advisors and potential employers to help develop their education and future careers.


Nathan D'Emilia, president

Yeesock Kim, advisor

American Institute of Chemical Engineering

The mission of the American Institute of Chemical Engineering (AIChE) Club is to promote excellence in chemical engineering by providing educational activities and events.


Mathias Oyanader, president

Xueyan Zhao, advisor

American Institute of Architecture Students

The mission of the American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS) is to advance the architecture program and the AIAS in design, leadership and service within the context of the university.


Rylee Woodcock, president

Susan Duemer, advisor

American Medical Women's Association

The mission of the American Medical Women's Association (AMWA) is to bring together those in health-related fields to promote women's health, as well as support members' professional and personal development. 


Emely Duran, president

Marshare Penny, advisor

American Sign Language

The mission of the American Sign Language Club is to improve sign language skills and deaf awareness to any person in our local community. We are here to provide opportunities for the hearing and the deaf communities to communicate and socialize with one another in order to grow closer together. We also hope to provide a welcoming environment for members who want to increase their knowledge of ASL. Everyone is welcome, regardless of experience.


Olivia Palmer, president

Austin Cary, advisor

American Society of Civil Engineers 

The mission of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) is to provide our members with opportunities to enforce classroom knowledge through participation in real world situations and in serving the community with civil engineering skills.


Kristi Sleeper, president

Jong-Wha Bai, advisor

American Society of Mechanical Engineers

The mission of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) is to encourage mechanical engineering and engineering technology majors to become involved in their ASME student section as an initial step in their program of professional development.


Andre Alvarez, president

Keith Hekman, advisor



The mission of the Army ROTC is to offer people who are interested in the military an opportunity to become something much more than themselves while obtaining a college education.


Nathan Tucker, president

Ryan Hamilton, advisor

Art Club

The mission of the Art Club is to provide students from all disciplines with a creative outlet and a space and place to gather and make things on campus.


Celia Hinzman, president

Katherine Papineau, advisor

Association of Christians in Architecture

The mission of the Association of Christians in Architecture is to develop one's relationship with God to shape one's view of architecture. 


Kaylan Cummins, president

Matthew Niermann, advisor

ASA (Aspiring Surgeons Association)

The ASA's mission is to build a community centered on their desire to pursue a career in surgery. We thrive to hold a strong foundation for students to network with surgeons, Doctors, PA's & nurses.


Roxanne Tirado, president

Marilyn Panaro, advisor

Athletic Training Student Organization

The mission of the Athletic Training Student Organization (ATSO) aims to promote the athletic training profession by educating students and the public through hosted events and volunteer programs.


Marissa Figueroa, president

Jolene Dickert, advisor

Aviation Science

The mission of the Aviation Science Club is to provide members with general aviation information, related events and a sense of comradery within the aviation community.


Austin Apple, president

Creighton Goodman, advisor

Biology Club

The mission of the Biology Club is to develop a passion for the biological sciences and a deeper admiration of God's creation.


Phillip Ndowu, president

Daniel Szeto, advisor

Biomedical Engineering Society

The mission of the Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) is to provide a place for all those interested in biomedical engineering to learn more about BME, get involved in BME activities and meet fellow minded people.


Laura Macy, president

Seung-Jae Kim, advisor

Botany Club 

The mission of the Botany Club is for students on any academic path interested in the scientific and cultural importance of plants, fungi, and algae. The Botany Club's purpose is to understand the beauty of creation. 

Gurparsad Suri, president

Jacob Lanphere, advisor

Cars and Coffee

The mission of Cars and Coffee is to bring car enthusiasts together to show off their cars and learn from fellow car enthusiasts. C&C houses the car culture of CBU and strives to bring community to all car lovers. 

Riley Evans, president

Megan Wagoner, advisor

Chemistry Club

The mission of the Chemistry Club is to encourage a love for chemistry through events and demonstrations for CBU students and the surrounding community.


Shannon Bivens, president

Jenifer Nalbandian, advisor

Creative Writing Club

The mission of the Creative Writing Club is to provide a fun and safe environment where students can share their creative work without fear of judgment or ridicule.


Clarissa Rossman, president

Erika Travis, advisor

Cure CBU 

The mission of CURE CBU is to engage students in Jesus' call to "heal the sick and proclaim the kingdom of God" (Luke 9:2). 


Madison Copeland, president

Lisa Friesen, advisor

Disney Club

The mission of the Disney Club is to create a welcoming community for students to gather in a fun and stress-free environment, while connecting with their inner child through movies, games, and trips. 


Mary Shanks, president

Jeffery Barnes, advisor

Early Childhood Studies Club 

The mission of the Early Childhood Studies Club is service, leadership and advocacy for young children. The Early Childhood Studies Club is also dedicated to the four university student outcomes. 


Savana Cranford, president

Kathryn Short, advisor

Environmental Health Club 

The mission of the Environmental Health Club aims to inform and educate the student body on the importance of environmental health and how it plays a part in our society.


Jacob Shonkwiler, president

Lindsay Fahnestock, advisor

Environmental Science Club

The mission of the Environmental Science Club aims to connect students who share interests in the natural sciences, outdoor activities and sustainable living.


Brittany Ducca, president

Bonjun Koo, advisor

Film Club 

The mission of the Film Club is to unite people in different fields to watch, critique different genres and share projects with fellow students. 


Sophia Rybicki, president

Melissa Croteau, advisor

Forensic Psychology Club 

The mission of the Forensic Psychology Club is to build meaningful relationships and celebrate diversity through service and mentorship. 


Joleen Caparco, president

Anne-Marie Larsen, advisor

French Club  

The mission of the French Club is to increase interest and understanding of French and Francophone language and culture at CBU by providing students with opportunities for thinking globally while acting locally. 


Luciano Cervantes, president

Owen Staley, advisor

Game Knights Club 

The mission of the Game Knights Club is to offer students a place of joy, laughter, and fellowship after a long week. The acronym for our club is G.A.M.E.S. (Great Adventures Make Everyone Smile). Our club allows our members to join together for a night of great adventures through a variety of board and card games, which will bring smiles to all participating.


Thomas Casazza, president

Ted Grant, advisor

Graduate Kinesiology Club 

The mission of the Graduate Kinesiology Club is to provide a productive atmosphere for student involvement in the field of Kinesiology through research and community involvement. 


Nelly Isidoro Sanchez, president

Jong-Kyung Kim, advisor

Health Science Society

The mission of the Health Science Society is to help future health care workers obtain career information, hold events in which students are connected to faculty from CBU and other graduate universities. 


JasonAngelo Raniaga, president

Alexandra Shin, advisor

Helping Hands 

The mission of Helping Hands is to change the stigma surrounding those with special needs and disabilities within the church and community. Striving to assist with their needs, students will be provided with useful information and resources on various disabilities. 


Hunter Yarnell, president

Jeff McNair, advisor


The mission of IdeaLaunchPad is to bring students from all types of majors together to provide the real-world experience of building products and services into innovation profit-making small businesses. 


Mitchell Douglas, president

Andrew Herrity, advisor

Illustrator's Club

Get creative: a chance to come together as an artistic community to exchange ideas, feedback, and laughs.


Elijah Tronti, president

Nancy Ward, advisor

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Student Chapter

The mission of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Student Chapter (IEEE) is to bring students together through camaraderie, intellectual and spiritual growth and the understanding of electrical and computer engineering.


Catherine Lirazan, president

Rod Foist, advisor

International Justice Mission

The mission of the International Justice Mission (IJM) fights to end modern-day slavery by engaging our campus and community with meaningful ways to take action.


Alyssa Reimer, president

Amy Stumpf, advisor

Investment Group

The mission of the Investment Group is to create applicable investment experiences though increasing financial investment knowledge and providing a platform for students to apply such knowledge with integrity grounded in a Christian view.


Kyle Skelpko, president

Adele Harrison, advisor

Latin Club

The mission of the Latin Club is to increase awareness of classical and liturgical Latin and to provide opportunities for experiencing Latin through conversation, worship, and film.


Blake Gardner, president

Barry Parker, advisor

Marketing Club 

The mission of the Marketing Club is to bring together a community of individuals who have a passion to learn about the field of marketing grounded in a Christian worldview and also build lifelong relationships with others. 


Elijah Householder, president

Mandy Ortiz, advisor

Mathematics Club

The mission of the Mathematics Club aims to serve the division of natural and mathematical sciences through social events, events focused on encouraging the integration of faith and mathematics and community service.


Kayley Maynard, president

Michael Sill, advisor

National Student Speech Hearing Language Association (NSSHLA)

The mission of the National Student Speech Hearing Language Association (NSSLHA) is to inspire, empower, and support students in the field of Communication Science and Disorders; giving students with the tools to navigate an academic career as well as a professional one.


Rachel Haynes, president

Namhee Kim, advisor

National Organization of Minority Architecture Students (NOMAS)

The mission of the National Organization of Minority Architecture Students (NOMAS) is to create opportunities for CBU architecture minority students as well as the rest of the architecture students to succeed in their future architectural careers. 


Victor Robles, president

Keelan Kaiser, advisor

Nutrition Club

The mission of the Nutrition Club is to inform, engage, and encourage students to apply nutrition knowledge and undertake healthful activities for CBU and neighboring communities, to help improve nutritional status and support good stewardship. 


Dina Soliman, president

Akua Amankwaah, advisor

Philosophy Club

The mission of the Philosophy Club is to "take every thought captive and make it obedient to Christ" through intentional discussion. 


Jonmarc Bennett, president

Timothy Mosteller, advisor

Physician Assistant Graduate Student Society 

The mission of the Physician Assistant Graduate Student Society is to assist graduate PA students to become globally minded and academically prepared practitioners, able to provide quality health care to the community and under-served populations. 


Samantha Baltazar, president

Mary Stahovich, advisor

Pre-Dental Club 

The mission of the Pre-Dental Club is to meet together as future dental students and provide information about the necessary and recommended steps to get into dental school and to allow opportunities to network with schools in area.


Jillian Helt, president

Melissa Antonio, advisor

Pre-Law Society

The mission of the Pre-Law Society is to provide knowledge to its members about the legal field, its careers, preparing for law school, and how to get involved in the community.


Caelan Thompson, president

Jim Bishop, advisor

Pre-Medical Club

The mission of the Pre-Medical Club is to prepare students to apply to medical school by holding discussions about the MCAT, personal statements, interviews and more.


Ryan Black, president

Dennis Bideshi, advisor

Pre-Optometry Club

The mission of Pre-Optometry Club is to bring awareness, insight, and preparation to all undergraduate students at California Baptist University about the field of optometry. 


Svetlana Nunez Flores, president

Stephen Runyan, advisor

Pre-Pharmacy Club

The mission of the Pre-Pharmacy Club is to fundamentally prepare CBU students who are seeking a professional role in pharmacy.


Sharon Oh, president

Hyun-Woo Park, advisor

Pre-Physical Therapy Club

The mission of the Pre-Physical Therapy Club is to encourage, prepare and provide support to students interested in pursuing the field of physical therapy while creating a sense of community among students with a similar career interest.


Klay Solomon, president

Jan Edmisten, advisor

Pre-Physician Assistant Society

The mission of the Pre-Physician Assistant Society is to provide students with knowledge about the Physician Assistant profession, aid them in pursuing a career in health care and build community.


Cassidy Rogers, president

Heather Ontiveros, advisor


The mission of Pre-SOMA is to provide a community pursuing an alternative route to becoming a doctor. The Pre-Students of Osteopathic Medicine Association desires to guide their members on the path to holistic medicine.


Sarah Morris, president

Bruce Prins, advisor

Pre-Vet Club

The mission of the Pre-Vet Club is to bring students together who show interest in veterinary medicine and provide resources and opportunities for pre-vet students.


Timothy Koo, president

Nathanael Heyman, advisor

Preconception Peer Educators (PPE)

Preconception Peer Educators is committed to fostering preconception health for women and men within CBU and Riverside communities through faith, education and service. We define preconception health as a lifelong physical, emotional and spiritual state of well-being that promotes optimal birth outcomes. It is our goal to promote personal wellness, preventative education and positive services for collegiate peers, local youth and adults in the Riverside community. 


Amber Leigh Morris, president

Terri Thompson, advisor

Public Health

The mission of the Public Health Club is to teach students about public health and how we can shape the community to be healthier through events and collaborations.


Jaclyn Greene, president

Melissa Wigginton, advisor

Radiological Science Club

The mission of the Radiological Science Club is to bring together those who are interested in the field of radiological sciences and imaging. We intend to bring insight, resources, and opportunities.  


John Boyle, president

Mark DeHaro, advisor

Roundnet Club 

Our purpose is to teach students about the sports, develop skills and techniques, have a fun way to exercise, and make friendships through the sport.


Jordann Vigna, president

Madisen Jaurigue, advisor

Science and Religion Club

The mission of the Science and Religion Club is to provide a forum where all members of the CBU community who are interested in exploring the interdisciplinary connections and tensions between science and religion can assemble to learn, discuss and fellowship together. We believe that it is valid to accept truths provided by both science and religion and hope that involvement in the club will help students strengthen their skills in the apologetics of their faith as well as further them in their quest for knowledge. 


Braya Johnson, president

Erin Smith, advisor

Ski + Snowboard

The mission of the Ski + Snowboard is to create an environment and provide the opportunity for students who share a passion for snow sports to build relationships and develop their skills and love for winter sports. 


Porter Wesson, president

Daniel Burger, advisor


Society of Automotive Engineers

The mission of the Society of Automotive Engineers is to prepare students by engaging engineering professionals and obtaining experience in technical design, electrical systems and software and business applications. 


Spencer Judy, president

Daniel Clark, advisor

Society of Women Engineers (SWE)

The mission of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) is to stimulate women to achieve full potential in careers as engineers and leaders, expand the image of the profession as a positive force in improving the quality of life and show the value of diversity.


Cassidy Aranda, president

Amanie Abdelmessih, advisor 

Spanish Club   

The mission of the Spanish Club is to provide a community where CBU students from diverse backgrounds can indulge in the Spanish language and culture. We hope to inspire diversity, raise cultural awareness. 


Sabrina Cedillos, president

Khamla Dhouti Martinez, advisor 

STEM Girls 

The mission of STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and math) Girls is to promote science, technology, engineering and mathematics to women of all ages, and to inform women about opportunities and careers in the STEM fields.


Madison Gallardo, president

James Buchholz, advisor

Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

The mission of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) is to connect the bridge between athletes and administration.


Frank Wyshinski, president

Rachel Keys, advisor

Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS)

The mission of Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS) club is to encourage the exploration and development of space. SEDS is able to accomplish this through student-run projects, events, and networking to those interested. 


Nathaniel Smith, president

Leslie Wickman, advisor

Students of Nursing Association 

The mission of Students of Nursing Association (SONA) is to bring CBU nursing students together who are committed to serving the campus and community through various activities.


Jennifer Gable, president

Jasmine Schmidt, advisor

Official SONA email

Student Veterans Association

The mission of the Student Veterans Association is to support fellow veterans and affiliates, helping them achieve their purpose in education, community and in their careers, all utilizing a biblical worldview.


Sarah Weber, president

Rebecca Meyer, advisor

Teacher Club

The mission of the Teacher Club is to connect students with their peers and equip them with opportunities and knowledge for future educational and career goals. We desire to train and develop Christian leaders who are globally minded.


Hope Grimes, president

Denise McLurkin, advisor

Ultimate Frisbee Club

The mission of the Ultimate Frisbee Club is to provide a great environment for people who enjoy ultimate Frisbee and want to play.


John Coleman, president

Mark Gordon, advisor

United Club

The mission of the United Club is to uplift nations and inspire the exploration of diversity (UNITED) by welcoming all races, backgrounds and ethnicities while understanding that we are all made in the image of God.


Kamari Hooks, president

Taylor Rilling, advisor

Victorious Purity

The mission of Victorious Purity is to teach the students of the club about the love of God and how to authentically live it out in our lives within our relationships, friendships, within our community.


Maranda Brown, president

Heewon Noh, advisor