Graduation Exit Process


The Exit Process is now available, please read the following instructions:

ALL graduates must complete the Graduation Exit Process regardless of their participation in the ceremony. Regalia will only be distributed at Grad Finale to graduates who have completed the Graduation Exit Process.

Important tips to complete the Exit Process (Read before you begin):

  • Completing the Exit Process - After you log in, you will see boxes representing each step in the exit process. After you finish each step, you MUST click the little box that indicates you have completed that survey/interview/etc. You will see a green check mark above each box you have completed. Once all steps are complete and have a green check mark, you will receive an e-mail confirmation. You may start and stop the Exit Process at any time and it will save the work you have done. 
  • Error Message at Login - If you get an error message that says "You must be a graduating student to access the exit process", and you have already been approved to graduate, e-mail or call the following contact to get the error corrected:
      • Traditional Undergraduate or Graduate Student – Send an e-mail to or call 951.343.4566.
      • Undergraduate or Graduate students in the Online and Professional Studies Program - Send an e-mail to your advisor at
  • CBU Staff Members who are Graduating – Log into the exit process with your "staff" LancerMail login instead of your Student ID Number.

The Exit Process is now available, click HERE to complete it. 

If you have any questions regarding any of these steps in the Exit Process you may contact the offices below for assistance:

  • Student Accounts Policy or Perkins Counseling:
    Student Accounts Office - 951.343.4371
  • Stafford Counseling:
    Financial Aid Office - 951.343.4236
  • Library Policy:
    Robert Diaz - 951.552.8490
  • Surveys and Other Questions: