Culture and Justice Lecture Series

Please join us for the 2017–2018 Culture and Justice Lecture Series.

Becca Johnson"Understanding Trauma with Your Heart"

Becca C. Johnson, PhD
Licensed Psychologist, International Program Director of Rescue:Freedom International
6–8 p.m.
Innovators Auditorium
SEPTEMBER 21, 2017


Daniel Hallak"Changing the Future, One Connection at a Time"
Daniel Hallak, PhD
Leadership Development Program Manager at Slalom Consulting
68 p.m.
Innovators Auditorium
OCTOBER 19, 2017


Jeffrey Mar"Aesthetics in Social Messaging"
Jeffrey Mar, MD
Medical Director of Valenta Eating Disorder and Depression Clinic
68 p.m.
Innovators Auditorium
NOVEMBER 16, 2017

Mandy Howard"The Power of Collective Impact: Findings from the Travis County Collaborative for Children"

Mandy Howard, PhD
Assistant Professor at Samford University
68 p.m.
Innovators Auditorium
JANUARY 18, 2018


Antonio Mejico"The Heart of Social Work: 5 Lessons the Bible and Families Taught Me"
Antonio Mejico Jr., EdD
Regional Programs Director at Olive Crest
68 p.m.
Innovators Auditorium
FEBRUARY 15, 2018


Cherilynne Hollowell"The Path to Equity via Cultural Proficiency"
Cherilynne Hollowell, MA
High School Teacher at North High School, RUSD
68 p.m.
Innovators Auditorium
MARCH 29, 2018


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