Ward DavisWe are anticipating two in-person presentations for students and faculty from Dr. Ward Davis (Wheaton College) on January 27, 2022. Check back to this page for details as the event approaches.

2 p.m.: “An Open Science of Religion and Spirituality? Problems, Myths, and Possibilities”
Open Science is the movement to increase the openness, transparency, integrity, and reproducibility of scientific research. This movement is improving people’s access to research (through open sharing data, materials, and publications) and helping ensure scientific findings are (or can be) replicated. Open science practices such as preregistration (prespecification of study plans and predictions) and registered reports (peer reviewing studies before they are conducted and publishing the results regardless of the findings) are also helping enhance research quality and curb questionable research practices like “p-hacking” (e.g., exploring different analytic alternatives until something yields statistical significance; Simmons et al., 2011), “HARKing” (hypothesizing after the results are known; Kerr, 1998), selective reporting of variables and results, and the suppression of nonsignificant findings (“file drawer problem”). Across scientific disciplines, open science practices are becoming increasingly common and expected. However, they are not yet well-understood or well-utilized in the psychology of religion/spirituality field. This presentation will describe several open science practices, debunk myths about the open science movement, and discuss possibilities for using open science practices to enhance the quality, integrity, and impact of scientific research on religion and spirituality.

5 p.m.: “Religious-Spiritual Development and Positive Psychology – Toward an Integrative Theory”
Dr. Davis will present his research crossing domains of religious/spirituality and positive psychology to consider how these two fields, together, can promote flourishing and increase positive societal impact.




Student Research Colloquium

From 2017-2020, the CSHB co-sponsored the Student Research Colloquium, bringing students from the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences, College of Health Science, College of Nursing, and School of Education together to present their research in poster and oral presentations. More information about these past events, including lists of presenters invited after peer review by CBU faculty, can be found here