California Baptist University is excited to continue our matching program to support the growth of the university’s donor-funded endowments. The program provides matching funds for qualifying endowment gifts of $25,000 or more, meaning that a gift of $50,000 will create a $100,000 endowment fund. 

The university is challenging and inspiring members of the CBU family, including trustees, alumni, parents, faculty, staff, and friends, to create their own philanthropic legacies through endowments to benefit CBU students and the academic programs at the university. This campaign will enable the creation and significant growth of endowments to provide long-term sustainable funding of needed scholarships and academic programs. We invite you to consider being a part of this opportunity, either individually or by combining your funds with others, to make a significant gift that will then immediately double in size and effect. To learn more about how this program works, please click through to see frequently asked questions.

For additional information or to get started, please contact  Kim Cunningham, Senior Director of Development, University Advancement, at (951) 343-4227 or  

$40 Million Endowment Challenge 

A generous friend of California Baptist University has committed up to $10 million in matching funds toward various School of Christian Ministries endowment opportunities.

Out of his desire to see others enjoy fellowship with God and fellow Christians, he seeks to invest in students, particularly those pursuing a double-major, with at least one of their majors being in the School of Christian Ministries. He believes these students can take what they learn and become Christian leaders in their chosen vocations and profoundly impact their local churches.

The presented challenge is that CBU will seek $10 million in gifts from other generous donors. When this friend’s donation and the donations of others are combined, they will account for $20 million, which CBU has  agreed to match. This challenge opportunity has the potential to increase the overall endowment of the School of Christian Ministries by $40 million.

There are several ways to invest in this incredible opportunity, all of which will quadruple an original investment of $25,000 or more.

40M Challenge

For additional information on participating in the $40 Million Endowment Challenge, contact Paul J. Eldridge, J.D. at 951.343.4492 or email him at

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