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The Center for the Study of Human Behavior (CSHB) is dedicated to the cultivation of ideas, the advancement of knowledge through empirical, theoretical and theological investigations, and the application of knowledge in local and global contexts to bring healing to hurting communities. We are multidisciplinary and our scholarship is diverse, yet we are united under the common goal of understanding human development and thriving using a variety of epistemological tools available to us as scientists, scholars and Christians. The CSHB serves faculty and students at California Baptist University by providing training, resources and partnerships so that our scholarly contributions may ameliorate human suffering and promote healing, health and flourishing with the ultimate goal of glorifying Jesus Christ.

If you are a student or a faculty member hoping to get involved or hone your research skills, you have come to the right place.

How to Use This Website

Find Research Opportunities
You can find out about research opportunities by keeping up with our blog, social media and individual research labs that might be looking for additional students or collaborators.

Access Resources
You have access to resources that aim to support your research, including some specific CBU library resources and more general research resources to support your research from the first literature search to your final publication.

Attend Events
You can catch up on past CSHB workshops and events and keep tabs to plan for future CSHB events.

Showcase Your Research
If you can’t find what you’re looking for or have some exciting research to share with us, you can always connect with us; we want this space to be vibrant and dynamic, just like you and your research. Happy researching!

Contact the Center for the Study of Human Behavior

Director of Research: Dr. Erin Smith
Email: cshb@calbaptist.edu
Phone: (951) 343-4502

James Building, Rm 123A
8432 Magnolia Avenue
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