Respondus Lock-Down Browser is an integrated blackboard tool where any Blackboard exam is secured. This means that students can not print, surf the web, chat with other students, or take screenshots of the exam. Training Webinars Provided by Respondus

For Instructors

Instructions for Students:

1. Before the test date, download the LockDown Browser

2. At the test: To run the LockDown Browser:

  • First close all programs (outlook, web browsers, everything)
  • Search for LockDown where you search for your installed programs (Mac or Windows searchbar), and open Lockdown Browser
  • You may receive a message that gives you the options to "close programs" or "exit LockDown browser".  Select "close programs".
  • When LockDown browser loads, go to the Cal Baptist Blackboard site.
  • You will need your Cal Baptist login info- probably your student ID, and you'll need to know the password you use to login to Blackboard.

System Requirements:

  • Chrome books do not work with Respondus. iPads do work with Respondus 
  • Mac Users: You'll need to upgrade to at least macOS 10.12 Sierra in order to use LockDown Browser on your Mac. If you get an error that says "digital signature invalid" it's because your system is older than 10.12.

Not working?  Check this page to see if there was a server outage.

LiveText is a portfolio management system.  This is the platform we use for faculty portfolios.

To access LiveText, follow this link: LiveText login

TaskStream is another assessment and portfolio management system.  This is the system we currently use for assessment portfolios.

To access TaskStream, follow this link: TaskStream Login

For tutorials, specifically related to Assessment, follow this link: TaskStream Tutorials

To start using Flipgrid, click here and select "Educator Signup". Link it to your Microsoft account that uses your CBU Lancer ID (not the full email address) and password.

This is a tutorial for how to create a FligGrid and embed it into Blackboard.



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