Teaching faith

Faith Integration is vital to the work of an academic professional at a Christian institution of higher education.  All aspects of the faculty life - teaching, scholarship, and service - are informed and illuminated by our faith.

Resources for Leading Devotions in Class

Click here for resources on leading classroom devotions.

Fellowships on Faith Integration

The Teaching and Learning Center offers two fellowship opportunities for faculty to explore faith aspects of their content areas of interest.  These fellowships provide time and space for faculty members to consider how and where biblical principles show up in their content and the way that they teach.  To learn more about these fellowships, click here.


Seminar on Faith in the Academic Profession (SOFAP)

At CBU, the Seminar on Faith in the Academic Profession (SOFAP) provides faculty with the opportunity to examine the impact faith has on all aspects of our profession - teaching, service, scholarship, and colleagiality.  Topics in SOFAP include discussions about our faith (the Bible, the life of Jesus, the Trinity of God), how a biblical worldview shapes our work (teaching, scholarship, and service), and specific strategies for ensuring our students are learning about their discipline through a biblical perspective.  These concepts are explored through a speaker series, workshops, book studies and more!  

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