CBU Cashcard

CBU Cash Card

The CBU Cash Card Account

The Money Network© Enabled MasterCard© CBU CashCard requires no minimum balance or monthly service fee, and all funds are FDIC insured. In addition to security, the account also offers you a convenient way to manage your money with online access and bill payment options. It's not a credit card, so it's debt-free.


  • Account with no minimum or monthly fees*
  • Convenient ATM access through 50,000 Allpoint Network ATMs 
  • Can be used everywhere Debit MasterCard is accepted
  • Account includes Money Network® Checks that can be cashed for free* at Walmart™ locations

*While this feature is available for free, certain other transaction fees and costs, terms and conditions are associated with the use of this card. See the Cardholder Account Agreement for more details. 


  • Delivers fast and secure access to student account refund
  • You don't have to worry about losing a check or waiting around for the funds to be transferred electronically to your bank account. No overdraft fees, minimum or monthly fees
  • The Allpoint® Network is the largest network of surcharge-free ATMs in the U.S., more than the two largest U.S. banks combined, meaning access to your cash when you need it without unnecessary fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for a Money Network® Enabled cash card?

Go to www.enroll.moneynetworkedu.com.

What is the Money Network® Enabled cash card?

It is a prepaid account that can be used everywhere MasterCard is accepted. Keep in mind it is not a credit card. Funds are FDIC insured and you can access your money through ATMs and checks.

Do I have to pay a sign-up fee to get a card?

No, it is a free benefit offered by CBU.

Do I get a new card each time I get a new student account refund?

No, your funds are deposited into your account each time a disbursement occurs. You can use your existing card to access the money in your account at any time.

What if I don't spend all the money that was deposited into my account?

Your money will remain in your account until you spend, transfer, or withdraw it. A monthly fee may apply if your card does not register any activity for a specified period of time (See Fee Schedule for more information).

How can I keep track of my balance?

  1. Via the Money Network mobile app Download the app for iPhone or Android to get anytime, anywhere access to your account.
  2. Via push notification, e-mail or text message; standard message and data rates may apply. Turn on push notifications in the app or sign up to receive automatic daily or weekly updates sent via e-mail or directly to your mobile device via text message.
  3. Online Login to your account at www.moneynetworkedu.com.
  4. By phone call Money Network® Customer Service at 1-800-822-4283.

Can I withdraw my money without paying any fees?

Yes, you can withdraw your money using any of the free services listed on your Fee Schedule. For instance, you can withdraw cash any Allpoint ATM, or by getting cash-back at participating merchants.

Is there an ATM withdraw limit?

Yes, for security reasons, you can only withdraw up to $500 per transaction and per day.

Do I get checks with my Money Network® Enabled cash card?

Yes, Money Network™ Checks can be used to pay bills, such as rent and utilities. You can also write a check to yourself and cash it for free at participating locations to access the money available in your account. Money Network checks must be activated before they can be used. The checks include more detailed information and instructions.

Is there a limit for the Money Network™ Check?

Yes, you can write a Money Network™ Check for up to $9,999.99 per check and per day.

Will Walmart™ cash my Money Network™ Check?

Yes, most Walmart™ locations will cash your Money Network™ Check for up to $5,000 per check and per day. Please check with your local Walmart™, as some locations may have some restrictions or different policies.

Do I have to write the Money Network™ Check for the full amount of my balance in order to use it?

No, you don't have to write the check for the full amount of your balance, only for the amount you need.

Does my school know where I spend my money?

No, your school does not have access to any of your account information. What happens if I need to return a purchase? Each merchant location has its own return policy and will handle the return in the same manner as any other MasterCard transaction. You may receive a credit to your card, a cash refund or store credit. It may take up to one week for a credit to appear.

Can I get cash at an ATM with my Money Network® Enabled cash card?

Yes, at any ATM, swipe or insert your card:

  • Enter your PIN
  • Select Withdrawal from Checking
  • Enter the dollar amount you want to withdraw
  • Take your cash and your receipt

Helpful Tip! An additional fee or surcharge may be applied by an Out-of Network ATM owner or operator. To avoid ATM withdrawal surcharge fees, use an In-Network ATM.

How can I reload my Account?

During activation, you'll be prompted by a Customer Service Representative to complete additional enrollment information**. Once your account is confirmed, you can add money in the following ways:

  1. Deposit funds directly to your account (at no charge). Different types of payments can be loaded directly onto your account, including money from one or more jobs, tax refunds, and government benefits.
  2. Have family or friends add money to your account. Anyone can send money from their bank account directly to your Money Network® Account via an ACH transfer. Log in to your account to learn more.
  3. Through participating merchants or at a MoneyGram® or Western Union® location near you.
  4. With Walmart Rapid Reload, you can load cash directly on to your card at any Walmart register for just $3.74 per load. For more information visit http://act.moneynetwork.com/rapidreload.

**Only upgraded cards may be reloaded with funds. Upgrading is free. Requires one-time verification of your identity.

Can I manage my Money Network® Account online?

Yes, access your account information at any time, free of charge, by visiting www.moneynetworkedu.com or by calling Money Network® Customer Service at 1-800-822-4283.