Center for the Study of Human Behavior

The Center for the Study of Human Behavior (CSHB), a research center sponsored by the School of Behavioral Sciences at California Baptist University, provides significant opportunity for student and faculty research.  While housed within the School of Behavioral Sciences, the CSHB is an interdisciplinary facility and faculty, students, and researchers from across disciplines are encouraged to utilize this resource.

Through the CSHB, faculty and students alike have access to programs and equipment essential to conducting research in the behavioral sciences, and across disciplines.  Here are a few highlighted features of the CSHB:

  • Ample availability of research computers equipped with SPSS, and other quantitative and qualitative data programs;
  • Classroom and meeting space equipped with state-of-the-art teaching and learning technology;
  • Special collection research library available to students looking to broaden their knowledge concerning methodological research;

The CSHB offers a wide range of opportunity for students; compared to other programs in the behavioral sciences, the CSHB is a distinctly attractive element of studying in the School of Behavioral Sciences at CBU.  Both undergraduate and graduate students in the School of Behavioral Sciences have the opportunity to assist in creating and executing original research under the supervision and skilled guidance of program faculty.  In addition, some students are given the opportunity to apply for research assistant (RA) positions.  Whether fulfilling class or program requirements, or simply gaining experience as an emerging researcher, the CSHB is an invaluable resource.  In today's higher education environment, research experience is essential for those hoping to gain admission to graduate school.

Consistent with the ethos of the School of Behavioral Sciences, the CSHB purposes to affect positive societal change through excellence in research.

Opportunities and special events offered through the CSHB are communicated by the faculty and through social media - stay tuned!