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Since 1922, the Alpha Chi National Honor Society has distinguished itself as one of the top national honor societies in the nation. Now with 480,000 alumni, some 300 chapters across 45 states, and 11,000 new members annually, Alpha Chi recognizes exceptional student scholars and unites them around one goal—channeling creativity and curiosity into scholarship that serves the greater good.

Alpha Chi’s name is derived from the initial letters of the Greek words ALETHEIA, meaning TRUTH, and XAPAKTHP, meaning CHARACTER. The motto of the organization is “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

Members of Alpha Chi are part of a select group of high-achieving college and university students. Alpha Chi admits only the top 10% of eligible institutions' juniors and seniors from diverse academic fields. Membership is prestigious and among the highest academic honors on any campus.

California Beta Chapter
California Baptist University’s California Beta Chapter of Alpha Chi is located in Region VII. The California Beta Chapter started in 1994 and has enlisted over 1,758 members.  


Alpha Chi is an elite organization with only the top 10% of eligible juniors and seniors being invited to join. Alpha Chi is a nonprofit, ACHS-certified honors organization that offers more than just an accolade for students' resumes, but an opportunity to engage within a community composed of the top student scholars from around the world in every academic discipline.

The one-time, $80 fee gives students access to a lifetime membership with countless benefits. Alpha Chi offers resume-building opportunities and invaluable academic and life experiences through national conventions, leadership and publication opportunities, scholarships, and other services.

It is highly recommended to join Alpha Chi in the semester a student is invited, as eligibility is not guaranteed due to continually changing GPA requirements.


Each year, California Baptist University hosts three events for Alpha Chi invitees and members: a Fall Social, a Spring Social, and a formal Induction Ceremony. Each of these events host a guest speaker who presents a keynote address on a pertinent topic of professional development meant to challenge the students in new ways beyond academics.

At the beginning of each semester, a Social is held to welcome new invitees to Alpha Chi and celebrate the existing members of the California Beta chapter. This informal event provides opportunities for new invitees to learn about Alpha Chi, get to know current members, and partake in games, refreshments, and professional development activities.

At the end of the Spring semester, California Baptist University hosts an Induction Ceremony, at which new members who joined Alpha Chi in the current academic year are formally inducted into the honor society, and seniors are celebrated and commissioned to be representatives of truth (A) and character (X) as they prepare to graduate. New members receive a membership pin and personalized certificate when inducted, and graduating AX members receive honor cords they can proudly wear at their Commencement ceremony. 

  • Dr. John Montgomery, Associate Vice President of Student Services, CBU, Spring 2022 Induction
    • Watch the induction ceremony HERE
  • Dr. Karen Bradley, Dean of College of Nursing and Professor of Nursing, CBU, Fall 2020 Induction
  • Dr. Noemi Alexander, Department Chair of History & Government and Assistant Professor of Public Administration, CBU, Fall 2020 Induction
  • Dr. Tae Sung, Founding Director of the University Writing Center and Associate Professor of English, CBU, Spring 2020 Induction
  • Dr. Ricardo Cordero-Soto, Director of Graduate Program in Applied Mathematics and Associate Professor of Mathematics, CBU, Spring 2019 Induction
  • Dr. Wayne Fletcher, Associate Provost for Academic Services and Associate Professor, CBU, Spring 2018 Induction                    
  • Dr. Jeffrey Barnes, Dean of Student Success and Professor of Humanities, CBU, Spring 2017 Induction
  • Dr. Chuck Sands, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs and Professor of Health Science, CBU, Spring 2016 Induction


Joining Alpha Chi guarantees a lifetime membership and provides access to countless academic and professional resources. Membership to Alpha Chi offers more than just an accolade for students' resumes, but an opportunity to engage within a community composed of the top student scholars from around the world in every academic discipline.

Though the list of benefits below is comprehensive, it is not exhaustive of all that Alpha Chi offers. For more information, visit

Scholarships are available at national, regional, and local levels. Alpha Chi awards approximately $90,000 annually in scholarships and fellowships to members to support undergraduate and graduate scholarship. California Beta Chapter Members are encouraged to participate in applying for these academic scholarships. For more information, please visit

Work in the Office of Student Success
As one of the largest employers of student workers on campus, the Office of Student Success (OSS) is committed to leadership, teaching, and professional development through mentoring and engagement. Work schedules can be highly flexible. 

Positions include tutors for the University Tutoring Center, coaches for the University Writing Center, note-takers for Disability Services, peer mentors, community outreach volunteers, and other administrative and marketing assistants. Student workers and volunteers will be eligible for OSS awards, certificates, and recommendation letters from the Dean.

For more information, please email

Alpha Chi Leadership
Our California Beta Chapter offers positions of President, Vice President, and Historian, which allow our members to lead the chapter and practice project planning, public speaking, and organizational development.

Previous Officers:
Jennifer Lee (President, 17-18, 20-21), Toby Renzullo (President, 18-20; Vice President, 17-18), Eva Celeste (Vice President, 18-19), Rebekah Mateo (Vice President, 18-19)

Volunteer Opportunities
Volunteer opportunities are currently in development.

Alpha Chi's online, peer-reviewed undergraduate research journal, Aletheia, gives students the opportunity to publish scholarly and creative work. In keeping with the strong tradition of student involvement at all levels of Alpha Chi, this provides a forum for students to become actively involved in the writing, peer review, and publication process. Alpha Chi has always been deeply invested in fueling undergraduate research and creativity—challenging students to find and lend their growing voice to the most pressing conversations and issues of the moment.

For more information and to view past issues, please visit

Previous CBU AX Member Publications:



Vanessa Herrera

Vanessa Herrera is a Junior pursuing a double degree in both Criminal Justice and Psychology with concentrations in Forensic Psychology and Administration in Justice. In the future, she hopes to earn her PsyD here at CBU and begin a career helping others. CBU has truly become a second home to her and she cites all of her professors as motivators in her passion to do more for her surrounding communities. 


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Jennie Riad, MS
Chapter Sponsor
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