Once you know which courses you would like to take you can use the following instructions to get registered.

1. From InsideCBU, click on the “Academics” tab at the top of the page. 


Academics Tab



2. Now click on the “Student Course Registration” tab on the left. 


VOCR Student Course Registration



3. Click on the “Add/Drop Courses” link in the middle of the page.


Add / Drop Courses



4. Begin by selecting the TERM for which you plan to register. Be sure to select the option that lists only the semester initials and year. For example, FA 2018 for the Fall 2018 semester.


Term 1

Term 2



5. Scroll down and click on the “More Search Options” link in the Course Search box.


More Search Options



6. Change the Section Status to OPEN. This will prevent closed courses from appearing in your search results. 


Section Status



7. In the Course Code field type in the course code of the class you would like to add. The course code contains only letters and numbers, no spaces or hyphens.


Course Search 1



8. You can further refine your search using the other filters on this page, however these are not required. Click SEARCH. 


Search Button



9. All courses and sections that match your search criteria will appear on the search results page. Before moving on, let's look at a few details in the search results. 

First, the course code column contains the course code and section letter for the course. Different section letters simply indicate a unique time, meeting days, location, and professor. For example, while section A and section B of PSY213 are the same course, they are taught by different professors, in different times and places. This allows students to choose whatever section best fits their schedule.


Results Code


The seats open column displays a ratio of seats open to total seats in a classroom. This can appear confusing to some. If a ratio is 15/25 that doesn't mean that there are 15 students enrolled in that course, it means that there are 15 available seats in that course.

Results Seats 

The schedule column displays the days that class will meet (R means Thursday), the time of day for each meeting, and location.


Results Schedule 

Lastly, the Begin and End Date Columns indicate the first and the last day of that course. Accelerated Online courses are only 8 weeks long (as opposed to 16 weeks) and therefore have different begin and end dates (highlighted below in yellow). We do not recommend these sections for first-time freshmen.


Results Dates



From the list of results, check the ADD box to the left of the Course Code and Click on the “Add Courses” button at the bottom of the page.


Add Course  


After each add, stop and notice the comment in the box above the schedule. This box will notify you of important information such as:

  • Schedule Conflicts
  • A prerequisite that has not been met
  • If you are trying to add a course that is full, or...
  • If you are repeating a course previously taken (You are responsible for knowing if the course is repeatable. Please check the course description).

If the course is added successfully it will appear in the bottom portion of the screen in your semester schedule. 


Course Now in Schedule



You can continue to add courses by repeating these steps.

1. To Swap one course for another, click the bubble to the left of the course you would like to replace and then click the Swap button below.


Swap 1 


2. Enter the search criteria for the new course you want to add and click Search.


Swap 2



3. Select the section you would like to add and then click swap.


Swap 3


4. If the courses are swapped successfully you will see a confirmation message.


Swap 4

1. To drop (or remove) a course from your schedule during the drop period, click the box to the left of the course you wish to drop and click the Drop Selected Courses button. Once dropped the course will no longer appear on the screen.

Drop 1



2. If the course is dropped successfully you will see a confirmation message. 


Drop 2



Note: Once the last day to drop has passed, this same process will result in a withdraw.

Registration Resources  

To help plan your schedule we recommend using the block schedule provided here. You may want to plan out your schedule on paper before actually enrolling in courses on InsideCBU. Click here to download the block schedule.


Block Schedule

To determine which General Education classes you might consider registering in you can view / download the Recommended Courses to Meet General Education Requirements list. For any General Education categories you wish to complete, we recommend only taking courses from this list. This list provides you with recommended competency courses, and lower and upper division general education offerings. You must have at least 30 units completed to take upper division courses.

General Education for Students in 2021 Catalog Year or Prior

Click here to download the Recommended GE list.
Click here to download the Recommended GE list for Engineering majors.
Click here to download the Recommended GE list for Construction Management majors.
Click here to download the Recommended GE list for Pre-Nursing / Nursing majors.

General Education for Students in 2022 Catalog Year or Later

Click here to download the Recommended GE list.
Click here to download the Recommended GE list for Engineering majors.
Click here to download the Recommended GE list for Construction Management majors.
Click here to download the Recommended GE list for Pre-Nursing / Nursing majors.
Challenging Your English or Math Placements
Your math and English placements were determined by any standardized test scores or transfer work submitted to CBU prior to admission.
If you believe you should be in a higher level math or English course, you can take a placement exam using the information provided here. 
Math Placement
What: Seek placement into a higher level
When: Anytime
Where: Anywhere you have a networked computer
How: Click here for instructions to create a Mobius account. You will then be able to purchase a login code with exam instructions.
Time: 30 to 45 minutes, depending upon course exam selected
Cost: $17.50
English Placement
Students must register into the class they were placed to complete their initial enrollment.
Placed into ENG113E?  
If your placement is the 4-unit ENG113E and you are currently enrolled in or have completed what you believe to be a college-level composition course, or if you have taken the AP Language and Composition exam, speak with your advisor.  Transfer courses and exam scores may affect placement.
If your placement is the 4-unit ENG113E and you submitted your SAT, ACT or CLT exam scores to CBU, then this is your placement.  You can challenge this placement by taking the English Placement Challenge exam offered by Modern Languages and Literature.  Contact Professor Jennifer Tronti at jtronti@calbaptist.edu.
If your placement is the 4-unit ENG113E and you did not submit SAT, ACT or CLT exam scores, this is your placement.  You are free to challenge this placement by taking the Accuplacer exam offered through the Office of Student Success at (951) 343-4349, and tutoring@calbaptist.edu. The Accuplacer exam is offered on all Wednesdays at 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. throughout the summer.
Placed into ENG113?
If your placement is ENG113 but you feel you should have been placed into ENG123, you can take a challenge exam prepared by the CBU Department of Modern Languages & Literature. Those interested in taking taking this exam, contact Dr. Erika Travis (etravis@calbaptist.edu).
Placed into ENG123?
If your placement is ENG123, this is the class in which you will need to register.  One cannot challenge out of ENG123.  Students who pass the challenge exam noted above will be permitted to register into ENG123. 
Additionally, any test scores, transfer work, or AP English Language and Composition scores submitted after initial registration may result in a change to your composition placement.  Notify your Student Success Coach if you are submitting additional transcripts or test scores.

Download the most up-to-date Athletic Practice Time Schedule.

Students may appeal to take more than 18 units in a given semester by submitting an Academic Overload Form to their Student Success Coach (www.calbaptist.edu/FMSSC)

Students will be considered for overload if they have:

  1. A 3.0 cumulative GPA

  2. A minimum 3.0 session GPA in the preceding semester

  3. No outstanding incomplete course work

  4. Their status is sophomore, junior or senior and they are in good academic standing

Permission for overload is granted on a semester-by-semester basis. A desire to graduate early is, in itself, not sufficient reason to receive approval for academic overload. Students will pay current per unit rate for every unit above 18 units.

A student may take up to twelve (12) units of coursework on a “credit/no credit” basis in lieu of a letter grade. ENG 113, 113E, 123, and 123E (English Composition) may not be taken on a “credit/no credit” basis, and not more than two (2) courses in general education may be taken on a “credit/no credit” basis.

Only one course may be taken per semester on a “credit/no credit” basis. All courses in the student’s major or minor field must be taken for a letter grade.

Students must choose this grading option during the Add/Drop Period. In order to receive credit for work completed on a “credit/no credit” basis, the work must be equivalent to a C- grade or better. The grade of “credit” does not affect the GPA calculations; a grade of “no credit” has the same effect on the GPA calculation as a failing grade.

The Credit/No Credit Form can be found here, and we would encourage you to speak with your Student Success Coach if you have any questions.

Directed Study is limited to those courses listed in the catalog and are part of the University’s regular curriculum. Independent Study is limited to original coursework not included in the University’s regular curriculum, and must include a course syllabus authored by the professor.

In addition to regular tuition, a per unit Directed/Independent Study fee is assessed to approved requests. Students petitioning for Directed/Independent Study must meet the following guidelines and not exceed limitations:

  • Only juniors and seniors are eligible for directed/independent study.
  • Only students who have a 3.0 or better grade point average are eligible for directed/independent study.
  • No student may take more than a total of four units of independent study or directed study in any given semester.
  • A form for directed/independent study may be obtained from Academic Advising. It must be completed with endorsement by the sponsoring faculty member and submitted to the Department Chair and University Registrar for approval.
  • A maximum of nine (9) units of directed study or independent study may be applied towards degree requirements.

The Directed and Independent Study Request Form can be found here, and we would urge you to speak with your Student Success Coach if you have any questions.

The Alternative Chapel Program Application is an online application. If you have a Class Schedule Conflict, Work Schedule Conflict, Commuting Requirement, or Personal/Family Obligation you might be eligible for the online program.

Click here to access the Alternative Chapel Program Application.


Contact Academic Advising

Email: advising@calbaptist.edu
Phone: (951) 343-4567
Fax: (951) 343-4650
Hours: Monday–Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Yeager Center
First Floor, Room B146
8432 Magnolia Avenue
Riverside, CA 92504