Library E-Resources Update: Spring 2018

Check out these brand new online resources in the fields of history, literature, nursing and social sciences:

American Antiquarian Society Logo

American Antiquarian Society (AAS) Historical Periodicals – A vast trove of historical primary sources in U.S. history that includes digitized and full-text-searchable versions of over 7,500 newspapers and other periodicals from 1684 to 1912. Available from our databases listings and discoverable in OneSearch.

Cambridge University Press logo

Cambridge Companions to Literature – Over 350 volumes of the Cambridge Companions to Literature series from Cambridge University Press. Each volume provides a set of essays that together provide a comprehensive overview of the topic: a particular, writer, period or literary genre. Available from our databases listings, and discoverable in OneSearch, OneSearch Catalog and Webcat.

Elsevier logo

ScienceDirect Social & Behavioral Sciences E-Journals – Hundreds of social and behavioral sciences e-journals from one of the world's largest scientific publishers. Individual articles are discoverable in ScienceDirect and OneSearch, and each journal is listed in the Journals A-Z listing.


JSTOR logo

JSTOR Arts & Sciences IX – With this collection, the library adds to JSTOR the archive of 179 significant journals from the fields of business, economics, sociology, education, public administration and others. Articles from these journals are discoverable in JSTOR, Onesearch and many other databases.

Ovid logo

Ovid Nursing e-journal backfile – Many important nursing e-journals from the publisher Ovid are now available from the present going all the way back to volume one, issue one. Individual articles are discoverable on Ovid's platform, as well as CINAHL, OneSearch, and in many other databases.

Annual Reviews logo

Annual Reviews Social Sciences collection – Review articles are an excellent way to get quickly up to speed on a specialized area of new research. These twelve journals cover fields like anthropology, criminal justice, psychology, public health and political science. Articles from these journals are discoverable in OneSearch and many other databases.

Library Expands Online Resources

Check out these brand new online resources in the fields of classics, law, political science, health sciences, psychology and biology:

HeinOnline Logo

HeinOnline – A very large database for government documents and legal research, including a wide range of both current and historical materials. Available from our databases listings and discoverable in OneSearch.

Loeb Classical Library logo

Loeb Classical Library – The ancient Greek and Roman literary canon, with the original source language presented alongside authoritative English translations. It’s available from our databases listings and each volume is discoverable in OneSearch, OneSearch Catalog and Webcat.

NEJM logo

New England Journal of Medicine – Every issue from 1990 to the present of one of the most prestigious and influential medical journals. Available from our Journals A-Z listings, and articles are also discoverable in OneSearch and many other databases.

OVIC logo

Opposing Viewpoints in Context – A broad and diverse collection of resources on all of the topics of the day, from abortion to zero tolerance policies in schools. Resources are compiled from nationally respected magazines, newspapers and academic journals and organized by topic.  Most of this content is discoverable in OneSearch, but go directly to this database to discover its full potential.

PsycTESTS logo

PsycTESTS – The American Psychological Association’s collection of psychological measures, scales, surveys and other instruments, with most of these compiled from thousands of published works and presented in full text. Available from our databases listings and discoverable in OneSearch.

World Politics Review logo

World Politics Review – A political science resource with a strong emphasis on current events in world affairs and foreign policy, World Politics Review provides reliable up-to-the-minute analysis on current events around the world. Available from our databases listings and discoverable in OneSearch.

JoVE logo

JoVE Science Education: Basic Biology – This small collection of streaming videos from the Journal of Visualized Experiments helps introduce students to basic scientific research concepts and laboratory procedures. Available from our databases listings and discoverable within OneSearch, OneSearch Catalog and Webcat.

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Chat Reference Help Now Available 24/7

Help finding information is now available whenever YOU need it! The library's chat reference service has expanded -- now you can get help with research twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Just look for the links that say "24 Hour Chat Help". As always, research help is also available via e-mail, phone or text.

New Databases Alert: Scopus and World Christian Database
Help the library spread the news about two great new additions to our collection of databases:


Scopus is an authoritative index of peer-reviewed, scholarly literature. Unlike OneSearch, which consists of many different databases you can search at once, Scopus is a single database that provides an extremely customizable window into the scholarly conversation. Scopus also provides advanced tools for analyzing the significance of individual journals, articles, scholars and institutions. We've compiled some of our favorite Scopus functions here.

World Christian Database

The World Christian Database provides comprehensive statistics on world religions, Christian denominations, and people groups. Extremely detailed data are available on 9,000 Christian denominations, 13,000 ethnolinguistic peoples, as well as data on 5,000 cities, 3,000 provinces and 234 countries. Be sure to check out the modules for particularly interesting views into this extremely rich source of data.

Keep scrolling for some other exciting additions to the library's online resources!

New Film and Television Database
We recently added a great new film database to our roster of databases: Film and Television Literature Index with Full Text is available on the familiar EBSCOhost platform and is fully indexed within OneSearch. Updated weekly, this database includes 160 full text academic journals, more than 160 e-books, and film reviews from Variety dating back to 1914.

Library Adds Dynamed to Roster of Nursing and Health Sciences Databases

This summer, the library added Dynamed, the most up-to-date clinical reference tool. Designed to support evidence-based decision-making at the point of care, Dynamed provides authoritative information to help guide clinical practice, updated daily from peer-reviewed sources. If you're a nursing or health sciences student, you're definitely going to want to check it out!

Also available is the Dynamed mobile app, available for iOS and Android.