Recommended Reading

The time, energy and resources that you commit now to your education and training will allow for great rewards later on! Below are some excellent resources that will help prepare you for your flight training at CBU. It is highly recommended that you make yourself familiar with these documents as it will greatly improve your success on the flight line.

You will need to be logged into InsideCBU in order to access some of the resources listed below.


Archer POH Cover

Archer TX Pilot's Operating Handbook
The "manual" for the Archer TX.

Archer TX Checkout 

Archer TX Pilot's Operating Handbook Checkout
Great way to learn about the Archer aircraft as you read the Pilot's Operating Handbook.

Archer Checklist Cover

Archer TX Checklist
Study this to safely operate the aircraft. You will be expected to memorize the bolded items.

Far Aim Book Cover

Rules and regulations that govern the aviation industry. Recommended reading list towards the front is a great place to start for Private Pilot!

Airplane Flying Handbook

Airplane Flying Handbook
Explains basic manuevers and flight operations in aviation.

Pilot's Handbook Book Cover

Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge
Explains a wide variety of topics related to aviation.

Standard Op Procedures

CBU Flight Operations Procedures
It is expected that anyone flying CBU aircraft will be familiar with these procedures and abide by them.

Instrument Procedures Handbook Cover

Instrument Procedures Handbook
This is an easy-to-read resource on how to fly under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) in the Air Traffic Control (ATC) System.

Instrument Flying Handbook Cover

Instrument Flying Handbook
This is an excellent resource to help you increase your instrument knowledge for the FAA written or checkride.