For Accepted Students

Congratulations on your acceptance to CBU! We are so excited to welcome you to the Aviation Science community.

Below are details on the items you will need to complete as you prepare for your first semester in aviation. Steps 1 through 4 will need to be completed prior to the first day of class. Step 5 will take place during the first week of the semester.

Keep your calendar clear for your first All Aviators Meeting! (evening of second day of classes)

Submit Documents to Confirm Identity and Citizenship to allow Flight Training

Before training in the simulator or aircraft, you must be cleared through Department of Homeland Security TSA outlined processes. 

US Citizens/Permanent Resident

The Flight School must see your physical ORIGINAL US passport, birth certificate and government issued photo identification, or other proof of US citizenship accepted by DHS. This can be accomplished by coming to the airport campus before the semester begins or at the beginning of the semester.


 If you do not have a US passport or US birth certificate, please proceed to the following site and complete the process with DHS:  

All Aviation Flight Students

When you arrive, we will need to see the original documents which will be taken care of during freshman aviation orientation post the All Aviators Meeting which occurs the second day of classes.

You can learn more about the federal regulations regarding these documents here.

Submit Documents to Confirm Experience Level

If you are actively flight training, please reach out to to discuss your training (aircraft/timeline/expected completion) and experience level.

If you have completed a rating, please provide a copy of your certificate when you submit your TSA documents.

To apply for your FAA Medical Certificate, visit and click the link that says "Search for an Aviation Medical Examiner (AME) in your area." Then, select "AME" from the drop-down menu. Select "First Class AME" towards the bottom to find one in your area and schedule an appointment. Although only a third class medical examination is required for flight training, we ask you to complete a first class examination as this is more thorough and will better identify any possible areas that would preclude you from a professional career in aviation. 

After scheduling an appointment with an AME, please go to this link to complete your application for your FAA Medical Certificate. You will need to bring the complete application and application information with you to your appointment. You will need to be as accurate as possible when completing this application.

You will need an FAA Medical Certificate before applying for a Student Pilot Certificate.

*Name on this application must match all correspondence with the FAA. Address on this application should match your permanent address.

Visit to begin your Student Pilot Application.

Select "Applicant" and complete the application with your information.

Refer to the FAQs on their site to help guide you through the process.

*Name and address listed on Student Pilot Application MUST match your FAA Medical Certificate.

Your Certified Flight Instructor will e-sign your Student Pilot Certificate Application in IACRA the first time you meet during your assigned flight lab course time at CBU.

Before the semester begins, you will need to sign up for academic classes with your Student Success Coach. You can find your Student Success Coach by visiting and selecting your major. Click on the link to find contact information and set up an in-person or virtual appointment. Your Student Success Coach will walk you through how to find your degree guide and sign up for classes.

After signing up for academic classes with your success coach, you need to select a flight lab by meeting with our Flight Line Scheduler. They will help determine a 2-hour block within the 6.5-hour block timeframe of the specific flight lab class. The 6.5-hour block time deconflicts your flight lab from other academic classes to allow you the flexibility to fly earlier or later within that flight block should you need to due to weather or other factors.

Once the 2-hour block has been assigned, you may look to take an academic class should it be within the 6.5-hour timeframe but outside the 2-hour block. Should your flight lab be during chapel, you will need alternative chapel approval if the 2-hour block precludes you from attending chapel.

Attend the Inprocessing Session

The Freshman Inprocessing Session is held immediately after the All Aviators Meeting. Please keep this first week of classes clear and be on the lookout for an email from the Aviation Department for the exact date and time.

For the Inprocessing Session, please bring:

  • FAA Medical Certificate
  • Government photo ID
  • Student Pilot Certificate, or Private Pilot Certificate if you already have one

*ORIGINAL documents are required. Copies or scans will not suffice.

Attend All Aviators Meeting

The All Aviators Meeting is a mandatory event held each semester, typically in the evening on the second day of class. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn about department updates and expectations, hear from industry experts (both internal and external), and meet your fellow aviators!

You will be notified by email after Welcome Weekend and prior to your first day of class for the exact date and time of the event! 

Your Certificated Flight Instructor (CFI) will e-sign your Student Pilot Certificate Application in IACRA.

You will receive a temporary certificate via email and a permanent certificate should arrive approximately three weeks later.

After the application is complete, you will receive an FTN (Federal Tracking Number). Keep this number as you will use it throughout your career. 

*You are required to carry your Student Pilot Certificate, FAA Medical Certificate, and government photo ID at all times while flying.


Need Assistance?

Please reach out to with questions and concerns. We are excited to watch your aviation career take off!

Contact the Department of Aviation Science

Chair: Dr. John Marselus
Department Secretary: Rosemary Welsh
Phone: (951) 552-8800

Flight Operations Center
6865 Airport Drive
Riverside, CA 92504