Department of Aviation Science


Our Vision

We are a world-class, state-of-the-art aviation program graduating aviation professionals who think critically, communicate effectively, and lead ethically with excellence built on a strong Christian foundation.

You can pursue your passion for aviation and live your purpose right here at CBU. We have a fleet of 2018 Piper Archers, Arrows, and Seminoles with the latest G1000. Our FRASCA top-of-the-line 210-degree vision simulators exactly match the Piper Archer cockpit, aerodynamics, and instruments in every detail. Southern California will provide you experience in an array of airspace and the weather will allow you to train year round.

We excel in educating you to your highest potential and providing the tools and opportunities you need to succeed in the fast-paced and very rewarding aviation industry. We have professional ties with commercial, military, and missionary aviation leading you into the professional aviation career in which you have been called with multiple degree programs including both minors and majors.

Our faculty, staff and flight instructors are committed Christians who take time to invest in you personally and professionally. You will indeed experience a unique learning environment with us. We care about each and every student and consider it a sacred trust to prepare them for their future in aviation.

We encourage you to spend some time learning more about us and our programs. You are welcome to visit our Flight Operations Center located at the Riverside Municipal Airport just two miles from the main campus.