About Us


The College of Health Science at California Baptist University, driven by its Christian commitment, prepares students for entry level professional employment or graduate school in the health professions by delivering life-span health and wellness professions education through excellent teaching and mentoring, meaningful scholarship, and servant relationships.

Core Values

Christian Faith

  • We affirm California Baptist University's purpose and mission as our own in the development of leaders in allied health. 
  • We believe that our Christian world view should permeate all of our personal and professional goals and activities.
  • We seek to create and maintain an environment that fosters opportunities for shaping one's own spiritual formation.
  • We encourage the exploration of calling in one's own personal and professional life.


  • We consider learning to be an activity that never ceases, and that the life of the mind is a faithful and noble pursuit. 
  • We value the creation of timely, relevant, participatory, and experiential learning environments that develop well-trained individuals who add value and achieve fulfilling roles within their organizations, communities, and the global environment. 
  • We engage in the pursuit of excellence in teaching and learning that challenges and enlightens.
  • We seek to conduct research that contributes to the body of knowledge in the health professions.


  • We believe that service within organizations is a vocation in the sense that it is a calling that should be treated with great importance and the utmost respect. 
  • We seek to develop and demonstrate a heart for service in all students, faculty, and staff.


  • We demonstrate personal and professional integrity in all things. 
  • We accept responsibility for the quality of our programs and for our actions. 
  • We participate in health professions organizations to advance the profession.


  • We respect and value unique and diverse experiences and perspectives contributed by individuals learning and working in a collegial environment. 
  • We cultivate caring and respectful relationships. 
  • We create opportunities to develop relationships with our alumni. 
  • We encourage student connectedness. 
  • We appreciate and support external constituents.