Consulting Services


Is your child struggling when the pressure is on? Do you know she could do better if she just got out of her own way? If you are trying to get your child some guidance so that they can perform as well as you know they can, we can be of help. Our services are applicable to all age levels and to a broad range of activities. We appreciate parents’ insights and are careful to work with their child in a way that is comfortable and effective for all involved.


Would you like some support as you work with your team? We can help to condition your team/athletes mentally, allowing you to put more focus on their physical conditioning. From increasing group cohesion to teaching goal setting and mental imagery, we can help teach your team skills that will complement their physical training.

Athletes and Performers

Are you looking to increase your performance? Do you perform great at practice but struggle at games or competitions? At the Center for Sport and Performance Psychology, we work with athletes, performers, and professionals to improve their performance and be their very best, no matter the situation.


  Individual Group/Team Current CBU Students
Faculty Consultants (with observers) $150 per hour $500 per workshop/meet (depending on size/length) Free
Externs (observed)* $75 per hour Free
Interns (supervised)** $30 per hour Free

*Externs are recent graduates (within the past year) of the program.
**Interns are current Master of Science in Sport and Performance Psychology graduate students.