Center for Sport and Performance Psychology

The Center for Sport and Performance Psychology at California Baptist University offers consulting services for athletes and performers in a variety of settings. We work closely with our clients, get to know their needs and goals so that we can best serve them. 

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Our Vision

The primary purpose of CBU’s Center for Sport and Performance Psychology (CSPP) is to offer consulting services to athletes and performers. This center is connected to the Master of Science (MS) in Sport and Performance Psychology (SPP) program as a way to provide applied experience for our graduate students while also servicing the community. In addition, the CSPP houses ongoing research in sport and performance psychology and provides student volunteers for local organizations.

Our Mission

The CSPP focuses upon providing rigorous training opportunities for CBU’s MS SPP students and effective consultation services for our clients. Consulting services offered by the CSPP are focused on the development of human performance, holistic well-being and social functioning, both for athletes and performers at CBU as well as the surrounding region.

Community Focus

Our aim is to provide consulting and cognitive wellness training in an effort to educate those at CBU and in our surrounding community. As an agency of CBU, we are unapologetically Christian in our worldview and methods. Thus, we draw on God’s strength and wisdom as we consult and, for the client that is open to this viewpoint, we can provide Christ-centered strategies. We seek to come alongside coaches, student-athletes, teams, and other performers in an effort to assist them in performing at their best and to prepare them for lifelong success. In addition, we aim to give back to our community, locally and beyond, simply for the sake of caring for others and helping those in need.

MS SPP Focus

Our aim is to provide opportunities for our MS SPP students to observe and participate in ethical and effective consulting practices in the field of sport and performance psychology as a part of their graduate studies. These opportunities can then serve to both provide an applied educational aspect to the program and to fulfill the mentored hours required by Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) to obtain certification as a performance mental consultant (CMPC®).

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