Research Associates 2019–2020

Erin Smith

Dr. Erin Smith

Erin I. Smith, Ph.D., is an associate professor of psychology and the director of research for the Center for the Study of Human Behavior (CSHB). Her Ph.D. (University of California Riverside) is in Developmental Psychology, where she studied the development of religious and scientific cognition. Her current research interests focus on the psychological and cultural influences on the science/religion dialogue and the distinct role of church in children’s development, especially for children who have experienced adverse life experiences.


Jacqueline Gustafson

Dr. Jacqueline Gustafson

Jacqueline Gustafson, Dean of the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences at California Baptist University, is a passionate higher education leader. She has served two institutions as the lead officer in developing numerous graduate programs, research centers, and most recently a community mental health clinic. Globally, she has conducted extensive field work in South America, led study tours throughout Europe, and is currently developing micro-enterprise partnerships in East Africa. Her research aims to increase equity in community partnerships both locally and globally. Her lab: Principles and Practices of Just Engagement Lab


Joshua Fuller

Dr. Joshua Fuller

Dr. Fuller is an industrial-organizational psychologist, graduating from Seoul National University in South Korea with a doctorate in social psychology. He specializes in organizational health / well-being and is an associate professor of psychology at California Baptist University. In his role at CBU, he serves as the director of the Organizational Health Lab in the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences and typically teaches courses in statistics, research methods, personnel recruitment and selection, social psychology, and I/O psychology. Beyond his work in education, his research has been disseminated in multiple countries at conferences and in journal publications. His research interests include psychological well-being, happiness, culture and cognition, and organizational development. Feel free to visit his website


Kendra Flores-Carter

Dr. Kendra Flores-Carter 

Dr. Kendra Flores-Carter received her Doctor of Social Work degree from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Flores-Carter research focuses on maternal child health and women's mental health. She's currently a Co-PI on a multi-site study entitled "Ratings Associated with Diabetes and Depression." Dr. Flores-Carter is an active and current member of the Arrowhead Regional Medical Center Institutional Review Board. Her lab: Maternal Health Lab


Kristin Mauldin

Dr. Kristin Mauldin

Dr. Mauldin has a Ph.D. in Psychology from Miami University. She is interested in the cognitive neuroscience of memory and sport psychology. She is the director of the M.S. Sport and Performance Psychology program. Her lab: Sport, Performance and Exercise Psychology Lab.


Krystal Hays

Dr. Krystal Hays

Dr. Krystal Hays has experience providing psychotherapy, and engaging in capacity building in community mental health settings. As a social work researcher, Dr. Hays focuses on reducing the burden of depression and other mental illnesses and improving mental health treatment outcomes for African-Americans. Also, her research explores ways that religiosity influences mental health outcomes and suggests that increased partnerships between mental health professionals and clergy can improve mental and emotional wellbeing in African-American communities.