Undergraduate Special Student: You are interested in undergraduate courses (level 100 to 499) on campus or online and will be at least a junior in high school prior to beginning courses at CBU.

Graduate Special Student: You are interested in graduate courses (level 500 and up) on campus and online and will have completed at least a bachelor's degree prior to beginning courses at CBU.

Woodcrest Concurrent Enrollment Student: You are a current Woodcrest Christian High School student interested in receiving college units for Bible coursework.

  • Spring is the only term available for Woodcrest Dual Enrollment students.
  • Payment arrangements can be completed after the student application is processed and accepted. An email providing steps on payment arrangements will follow.

This application is for both online and on campus CBU campus special students.

If you wish to be a full-time student this semester or if you would like to start working toward a degree at CBU, please find your correct application at calbaptist.edu/apply.

All special student applications must be submitted prior to the start of the desired term. Late applications will not be accepted.

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