What kind of housing is provided? 
Undergraduate students typically live on campus in traditional dorms or apartment style housing. For graduate or married students, there are many apartments, condos, and houses available for rent in the area. For more information about on-campus and off-campus housing, visit International Student and Scholar Services

Can I take classes in my major while studying at the IEP?
IEP students in level 4 may be allowed to bridge 1-2 courses in their undergraduate classes. This is determined on an individual, case-by-case basis. 

Do I get credit for my IEP courses?
IEP courses are non-credit, pass/fail courses. However, undergraduate students may earn a maximum of 18 semester units of credit in ESL coursework towards a bachelor degree. Units earned in ESL coursework will be applied as elective credit toward the 124 units required to complete the bachelor degree. A student wishing to receive degree applicable credit for ESL coursework must apply for credit no later than the last day to drop a course for the term of application. 

Will the IEP courses be on my official transcripts?
Yes. All classes that you take while in the Intensive English Program will be on your official CBU transcripts.

How long will I need to study at the IEP?
It depends on the level that you place in. There are four levels in the IEP.  Students must complete level 4 before they can start their undergrad or graduate programs. Typically, a student will finish a level in one semester. Thus, if you test into level 3, it should take 2 semesters to finish the IEP. 

If I pass the TOEFL or IELTS test, do I need to continue in the IEP?
If you get a passing score during the semester, you will need to complete the current semester in the IEP. Your scores, along with your semester grades and teacher recommendations, will be used to evaluate language preparedness for matriculation to your undergrad or grad program. 

What happens when I finish all the levels of the IEP?
Undergraduate students who pass all of their classes in level 4 and receive recommendation from their teachers and IEP program director may begin their undergraduate program at the next start date.

Graduate students who pass all of their classes in level 4 must take the IEP exit exam and get a score of 53 or higher. Once they have achieved this score, and their teachers and graduate program director have recommended them to begin graduate work, they may start their graduate program at the next start date.

Am I required to buy textbooks?
Yes. You are required to buy new textbooks for all of your classes. You will find the required textbooks in the CBU Bookstore. 

Do I need to purchase health insurance?
Yes. When you become a student at CBU, you will receive health insurance through United Healthcare as part of your student fees. You will pay for the medical insurance as part of your student accounts fee two times a year: fall and spring. For more information about healthcare, visit the International Student and Scholar Services website.

How many times can I take the placement test?
Students may only take the IEP placement test one time.

How can I get involved on campus and meet friends?
There are many ways to meet friends and get involved on campus. The university has a vibrant campus life, with events like Midnight Madness, Late Night Breakfast, and Coffeehouse Concerts. There are over 60 clubs that students can join, ranging from academic to social clubs. The International Center also sponsors events for both international and domestic students, such as cultural cafes, Taste the Nations, and the Festival of Color. IEP students also meet weekly with conversation partners who are American students studying at CBU.

Do I have to be enrolled full-time?
All international students who have an F-1 visa must be enrolled in full-time studies.

Can I receive financial aid while I am in the IEP?
Financial Aid is not available for students studying in the IEP. However, the cost of IEP classes are significantly lower than the courses in degree programs.

Does my academic scholarship cover IEP classes?
No. The IEP is considered a pre-academic program, so academic scholarships go into effect once students matriculate into graduate or undergraduate classes.

What is the total cost of studying at the IEP?
The total cost will depend on how many semesters a student studies in the IEP. Students pay per unit + additional student fees. For more information on total costs per semester, visit the International Admissions tuition and fees page.

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