The faculty and staff of the CBU College of Health Science commit to supporting CHS students, and one another, in the attainment of educational, spiritual, and vocational goals consistent with a Biblical worldview. Faculty and staff will steadfastly model the Christ-like behaviors of interactive teaching, servant leadership, and inspired scholarship aimed at improving the human condition. CHS faculty, staff, and students will be encouraged and equipped to make a significant and positive impact locally and around the world. 

Core Values

Christian Faith

  • We affirm California Baptist University's purpose and mission as our own in the development of leaders in the health professions. 
  • We believe that our Christian world view should permeate all of our personal and professional goals and activities.
  • We seek to create and maintain an environment that fosters opportunities for shaping one's own spiritual formation.
  • We encourage the exploration of calling in one's own personal and professional life.


  • We consider learning to be an activity that should never cease, and the lifelong pursuit of understanding is a faithful and noble quest. 
  • We value the creation of timely, relevant, participatory, and experiential learning environments that develop well-trained individuals who add value and achieve fulfilling roles within their organizations, communities, and the global environment. 
  • We engage in an interactive process of teaching and learning that encourages students to take advantage of the resources offered to them, further maximizing their potential for success. 
  • We seek to conduct research that contributes to the body of knowledge in the health professions.


  • We seek to develop and demonstrate a heart for service in all students, faculty, and staff.
  • We value and support a wide range of service opportunities, particularly service to the campus community, academic professions, the church, and the local and global communities.


  • We demonstrate personal and professional integrity in all things. 
  • We accept responsibility for the quality of our programs and for our actions. 
  • We participate in health professions organizations to advance the profession, and seek further opportunity for CBU students and faculty.


  • We respect and value unique and diverse experiences and perspectives contributed by individuals learning and working in a collegial environment. 
  • We cultivate caring and respectful relationships. 
  • We create opportunities to develop relationships with our current students and alumni. 
  • We encourage student connectedness. 
  • We appreciate and support external constituents.

Contact the College of Health Science

Dean: Dr. David Pearson
Administrative Assistant: Stephanie Moreno
Email: healthscience@calbaptist.edu
Phone: (951) 343-4619

Mailing Address:
8432 Magnolia Avenue
Riverside, CA 92504

Physical Address:
Health Science Campus
3532 Monroe Street
Riverside, CA 92504