The Sport, Performance and Exercise Psychology Lab examines correlates of current applied practices within the domain of sport and performance psychology. 

What Is the SPEP Lab All About?

The purpose of the Sport, Performance and Exercise Psychology lab is three-fold. The first is to examine demographic and personality correlates of performance experience and achievement.  The second purpose focuses on the role of exercise in mental health by examining how exercise leads to changes in the neurochemistry and electrophysiological patterns of the brain. Examining these relationships can contribute to the larger goal of comparing exercise prescriptions to medicinal prescriptions with the hope of providing safer and healthier preventative therapies and treatments for mood disorders. The third goal of this lab is to evaluate the efficacy of current strategies used by sport and performance psychology consultants. These strategies will be implemented by the faculty and student consultants in the Master of Science Sport and Performance Psychology program and evaluated by the researchers in the SPEP Lab. 

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Director of Research: Dr. Erin Smith
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