Friday, March 10, 2023

8:30-9:00AM Breakfast: Meet and Greet / Check-In 
Oral Presentation
Presenter: Davit Ismailian
Organization: DI Sports Psych
Presentation: Lights, Camera, Action!
Oral Presentation  
Presenters: Knabb, J., Pate, R., Sullivan, S., Salley, E., Miller, A. & Boyer, W.
Organization: California Baptist University
Presentation: Walking with God: Pilot testing a combined exercise and Christian meditation program for daily stress
Oral Presentation
Presenters: Michaelson, C.
Organization: California Baptist University
Presentation: The Impact of a Formal Leadership Development Program on Intercollegiate Student-Athletes Leadership Growth
Oral Presentation
Presenters: McQueen, H., Collins, M., Wilson, S., Lemier, M., Ebmeyer, T., Soto, L. & Mauldin, K. Organization: California Baptist University
Presentation Title: Coaching Styles and Team Success: Evaluating Coaching Style and Overall Team Success in the NBA and WNBA
11:00AM-Noon Round table
Oral Presentation
Presenters: Nicole, S. & Pasquariello Wallace, C. 
Organization: San Diego State University
Presentation Title: Do You Have What It Takes?: College Student-Athlete Preferences of the Attributes of Sport Psychology Professionals
Oral Presentation
Presenters: Ybarra, C. & Madrigal, L.
Organization: California State University, Long Beach
Presentation Title: How Mental Toughness Helps Athletes in High Stake Situations
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Carrie Hastings, Team Psychologist & CEO
“The Great Irony of Sport Psychology” 

Saturday, March 11, 2023

8:30-9:00AM Breakfast: Meet and Greet/ Check-In
Keynote Speaker: Chris Stewart, Former MLB Player
“Big League Purpose”
Elite Athlete Panel
Psychology Hurdles and Ethical Challenges of Being a Female Pro-Athlete
Katie McLaughin (USA Swimming), Jasmine Johnson M.S. (Polytechnica Lasi - Lasi, Romania and Agri Club Kenitra - Kenitra, Morocco), and Lindsay Davis M.S. (USA Figure Skating)
Oral Presentation
Presenters: Gonzalez, B., Ede, A., Fogaca, J. and Madrigal, L.
Organization: California State University, Long Beach
Presentation Title: An Examination of Self-Compassion, Competitive Anxiety, and Goal Orientation Among Collegiate Soccer Players
Oral Presentation
Presenters: Chandler, J. & Maurice
Organization: California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
Presentation Title: Anti-Fatness Everywhere: Investigating Weight Bias Across a College Campus
1:00-2:00PM Keynote Speaker: John Abdou, Associate Athletic Director of Health, Wellness, and Sport Performance
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