The Jabs MBA accounting specialization combines broad business and advanced accounting courses with strategic managerial opportunities. Students will have an upper hand in preparing for the CPA exam because of CBU’s partnership with Wiley CPAexcel, which provides the highest quality test preparation materials for our students to use. Additionally, CBU’s partnerships with local, mid-size and national accounting firms help our well-equipped graduates find employment that is suited to their strengths. 

The accounting industry is held to high ethical standards, which requires an education that ensures accountants understand these principles. The Jabs MBA is intentionally designed to integrate Christian ethics into the rules of professional responsibility for CPAs. 

Business Analytics

The business analytics specialization prepares students to develop and integrate interdisciplinary data and business intelligence in order to apply real world business strategies. Research into applied historical marketing, finance, production, process and management decisions highlight the integration and application of data-driven outcomes in multiple business environments internal and external to an organization. Students will develop business intelligence questions by applying data integration techniques.

Key to the process of business analytics is the visualization of the outcome of the analysis. Students are exposed to techniques for creating effective data visualizations to inform marketing, production, process, finance and management business decisions. Topics focus on the application of turning data into charts, graphs, maps, and more to affect and inform business decision-making. Students will also prototype several visualizations based on the application of SAS visual analytics.

Predictive analytics supports sustainable outcomes in the face of unknown events. Students will delve into the field of predictive analytics, where they will learn how to use exploratory, forecasting and predictive modeling integrated for model fitting and analysis in specific applied business environments. Concepts combine application of business strategy, information technology, and modeling methods. Students will build and explore predictive models in conjunction with continuous and categorical business environments in marketing, finance, production, process and managerial targets.

Students will learn SAS Studio and SAS Universal Edition and will be prepared for the SAS Global Certification exams in Base SAS, Advanced SAS, SAS Macro.  Students will also be prepared for the SAS Global Certification exam in Visual Analytics using SAS Visual Analytics software.

Upon successful completion of the Jabs MBA and specialization, students will receive a digital badge from SAS.   

Healthcare Administration

With the surge of an aging population, demand for healthcare services is expected to grow dramatically over the next 10 years. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) expanded access and increased regulatory requirements for the entire healthcare industry. These factors created a critical need for both healthcare providers and talented healthcare administrators. The Jabs MBA with a specialization in healthcare administration prepares graduates to help meet this demand through a business degree designed to equip a new generation of healthcare leaders with the knowledge and skills to manage and lead in an increasingly complex operational and regulatory environment.

This program is designed for healthcare professionals who desire to advance their administrative and leadership careers. Medical and health services providers, supervisors, managers, assistant department directors or those who wish to enter the medical management field are ideal candidates for this program.

MBA healthcare administration students benefit from the unique partnership between the CBU College of Health Science and the Jabs School of Business. The curriculum focuses on core business foundations and is enhanced with industry specific knowledge that explores U.S. healthcare policy, reimbursement and budgeting, cost drivers, ethical decision making, regulatory requirements, healthcare justice and population health issues.

Healthcare administration specialization students are eligible to attend an global business trip for an additional fee. Please contact the School of Business for more information.


A new, virtual learning option is available for those choosing the management specialization.

The Jabs MBA prepares students with broad business and management knowledge at an advanced level for a wide range of strategic managerial and leadership opportunities. The program develops participants in ten functional areas (i.e., marketing, finance, accounting, management, legal, economics, ethics, global management, information systems, quantitative techniques and business policy) before their final challenge of running a simulated business in the role of a top executive.

Management and leadership permeates every industry around the world. The management specialization welcomes all students regardless of industry background. From entrepreneurship to technology, subjects are presented in a challenging real-world experiential environment by faculty with vast professional experience.