Psychology, B.A.

What makes humans think and act the way we do? In CBU’s psychology bachelor's program, students study human relationships, behavior and the mind, exploring the human experience through research, theory and hands-on training.

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Program Intro

In CBU’s psychology program, expert Christian professors, who themselves have years of practical experience in their fields of study, stress the connections between psychology and biblical truth.

62 Units

*47-62 Units

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6 Optional Concentrations
15 Required Major Courses

Why Study Psychology at CBU?

Develop friendships with like-minded peers

CBU has a friendly, caring culture that sets it apart from other universities. The College of Behavioral and Social Sciences offers a number of events for students to interact with faculty and fellow students from both graduate and undergraduate CBSS programs. Additionally, internships, research programs and mentoring prepare students for the work force or graduate level study.

Research alongside faculty

Our students are required to complete a capstone project where they conduct their own research study from start to finish over the period of four semesters. They then present their findings in a poster presentation that is open to other students and faculty. In addition, students have the option to conduct a more ambitious research study and apply to present at the Annual CBU Student Research Colloquium. Students may also apply for a role as a research assistant in order to assist a faculty member in their ongoing research.

Prepare for a future career

Upon completing CBU’s undergraduate psychology program, students will be well prepared for careers requiring them to work with people, such as business, marketing, law enforcement and others that call for a sound understanding of the human mind and behavior. 

What You'll Learn

Students in CBU's psychology program will learn to:

Program Details

PSY 322: Theories of Personality

This course is a survey of theories of personality emphasizing the development of basic attitudes and belief systems that influence behavior throughout the life span.

PSY 346: Abnormal Psychology

Study of the dynamics, cultural implications and prevention of abnormal behavior. 

PSY 422: Theories of Counseling

A survey of modern theories of therapeutic counseling with emphasis on gaining an understanding of the psychological principles underlying these methods. 

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  • Forensic Psychology Concentration
  • Industrial and Organizational Psychology Concentration
  • Life Span Development Concentration
  • Medical Anthropology Concentration
  • Social Work Concentration
  • Sports Psychology Concentration

Jacqueline Gustafson, Ed.D.

Professor of Psychology
Dean of College of Behavioral and Social Sciences

Office Phone: 951-552-8372
Office Location: W.E. James Building, Room 115

Virgo Handojo, PhD

Professor of Psychology

Office Phone: 951-343-4465
Office Location: W.E. James Building, Room 370

Kristin Mauldin, PhD

Associate Professor of Sport and Performance Psychology
Director, Sport and Performance Psychology Program

Office Phone: 951-343-4391
Office Location: James 136B

Erica Roth, PsyD

Associate Professor of Psychology

Office Phone: 951-552-8146
Office Location: James 127

Erin Smith, PhD

Professor of Psychology
Fletcher Jones Endowed Professor of Research
Director of Research, College of Behavioral and Social Sciences

Office Phone: 951-552-8626
Office Location: Cottage 18, Office B

Veola Vazquez, PhD

Professor of Psychology
Diversity Coordinator, PsyD Program
Psychological Services of Riverside - Licensed Psychologist

Office Phone: 951-552-8627
Office Location: James 125A

Nicole Grayson

My time at CBU launched me into a time of discovering myself and figuring out just who I am. ... I currently run my own virtual private practice and maintain all of the legal and ethical standards of a LMFT.

Nicole Grayson '14
LMFT, Grow Therapy

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Psychology taught me to understand human motivation and behavior. This has been invaluable in preparing me to intentionally build relationships, manage public perceptions, and accomplish the goals of my employer as a marketing director.

Kelsey Wu Lamb '16
Marketing Director, Chick-fil-A

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The classes on counseling are what affirmed that counseling is my passion. Getting hired in a counseling office has been unspeakably fruitful in giving me a very realistic taste of what my future entails.

Cody Moberg '17

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Diana Negrete Zambrano

I graduated in May 2021 and I had my job lined up and ready to go as soon as I crossed the stage. If and when I ever need feedback or guidance from one of my professors I know they will always have their doors open for me.

Diana Negrete Zambrano '19 and '21
Associate Marriage and Family Therapist, Mighty Oak Community Counseling Center

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Career Possibilities

Upon completing CBU’s undergraduate psychology program, students will be well prepared for careers requiring them to work with people, such as business, marketing, law enforcement and others that call for a sound understanding of the human mind and behavior. Some careers listed below may require further education.

  • Counselor
  • Marriage and Family Therapist
  • Social Worker
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Human Behavior Researcher
  • Business Consultant
  • Forensic Psychologist
  • Ministry Worker
  • Human Resources Manager

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Join our community. At CBU, you’ll be challenged to become an individual whose skills, integrity, and sense of purpose glorify God and distinguish you in the world.