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Students in CBU's English program master the art of writing and analysis while investigating a wealth of diverse literature, in courses that focus on everything from folklore to contemporary fiction.

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Program Intro

English majors read wide-ranging texts from Shakespeare to Sherman Alexie. Students in CBU's English program master the art of writing and analysis while investigating a wealth of diverse literature, in courses that focus on everything from folklore to contemporary fiction. Well-qualified, caring professors bring a variety of global and Christian perspectives, sparking interesting discussions and imaginative interpretations during class times.

55 Units

*43-55 Units

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5 Optional Concentrations
15 Required English Courses

Why Study English at CBU?

Love God through writing

CBU students and faculty are candid about their Christian faith and its connection to scholarly pursuits. Being able to teach from a faith-based perspective gives professors the freedom in the classroom to explore the connections between writing and loving God with all one’s mind.

Be part of our English community

The community among English students runs deep. They support each other through encouragement, prayer and laughter, as well as in practical ways. Students commiserate with each other in hardships, read each other’s essay drafts and share books or other scholarly resources needed for a project.

Teach English abroad

Each year, several CBU students travel to China and Japan to teach English after graduation through CBU’s Teach Abroad Program. CBU connects them with universities in need of English teachers and trains them for six weeks over the summer, allowing them to earn a TEFL certificate and be prepared for the yearlong commitment. The TESOL minor is recommended for students interested in teaching abroad.

What You'll Learn

Students graduating with a bachelor’s degree in English will learn the following:

Program Details

ENG 355: Folklore and Fairy Tales

A close examination of selected folklore and fairy tales from various cultural or literary traditions.

ENG 366: Faith and Literature

The course is designed to examine the study of literature through the lens of faith.

ENG 382: Introduction to Digital Studies

Students will study digital texts and projects and will work collaboratively to create and edit various forms of digital publications.

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  • Children's Literature Concentration
  • Creative Writing Concentration
  • Digital Literary Studies Concentration
  • Modern Languages Concentration
  • TESOL Concentration

Jennifer Tronti, M.A.

Assistant Professor of English
Director of First Year English Composition

Office Phone: 951-343-4290
Office Location: Office Location: W.E. James Building, Room #258

John Solorio

I have been a writer for as long as I can remember, it has always come naturally to me. People had always advised me to study what I have a passion for, so English was naturally a great fit. My professors this year have been fantastic and unbelievably supportive and helpful as I continue to develop as an adult and a writer.

John Solorio '21

Madeline Scott

I like that this program is small and intimate. The professors will spend endless hours with me to aid me in expanding my thought processes. When interpreting literature, it is valuable to see it through a global and Christian perspective.

Madeline Scott '20

Mirian Gomez

I want to become an immigration lawyer and this program is helping me think critically and improve my ability to express myself.

Mirian Gomez '21

Career Possibilities

English majors can apply their field of study to a variety of careers. Some careers listed below may require further education.

  • Author
  • Editor
  • Producer
  • ESL / TESOL Teacher
  • Copywriter
  • Professional Blogger
  • Technical Writer
  •  Creative Director
  • Publishing Professional
  • Journalist
  • Library Scientist

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Join our community. At CBU, you’ll be challenged to become an individual whose skills, integrity, and sense of purpose glorify God and distinguish you in the world.